Black Bird Anime Episode 1 English Dubbed

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You’ve found the correct location if you’re trying to figure out where to watch the English dubbing of the first episode of the well-known dark fantasy anime Black Bird. Everything you need to view episode 1 with English dubbing or subtitles is included in this extensive guide.

For those with limited time, the following is a brief response to your inquiry: On Crunchyroll and Funimation, the first episode of Black Bird is available for streaming with an English dub. It’s also accessible on Hulu with English subtitles.

This post will cover the basics of Black Bird and its first episode, go over where to watch or download it with English dubbing or subtitles, offer a thorough rundown of episode 1, and examine the factors that contribute to the popularity of this dark fantasy romance anime.

Overview of Black Bird and Episode 1 Black Bird’s background and storyline synopsis

Manga artist Kanoko Sakurakoji is the author and illustrator of the dark fantasy series Black Bird. The narrative centers on Misao Harada, a typical high school student with the ability to perceive demons. She finds out on her sixteenth birthday that she is the bride of prophecy and that she must wed Kyo Usui, a strong demon clan leader who looks like a young human boy her age.

Despite the foreboding beginning of their relationship, Kyo falls in love with Misao and makes a promise to keep her safe from the perils of the demon world. Together, they unearth a tragic past and the intricate web of destiny that unites their families.

An overview of the primary characters

Misao Harada and Kyo Usui are the two primary protagonists. On her sixteenth birthday, Misao, a lively and kind girl, finds herself unexpectedly drawn into the realm of the paranormal. Despite first feeling overwhelmed, she demonstrates incredible bravery by accepting her fate.

Kyo, the enigmatic leader of the Usui demon clan, is obligated to wed Misao. He really cares for Misao and would stop at nothing to keep her safe, even with his evil abilities. The narrative is driven by their developing relationship as Kyo’s demon competitors threaten to destroy her.

A synopsis of what happened in episode 1

As Misao celebrates her 16th birthday with her childhood buddy Kou, we are introduced to her in episode 1. When Misao encounters an enigmatic black bird on their walk home, she passes out. When she awakens in an odd house, Kyo introduces himself as her fiancé.

Despite her horror, Misao accepts Kyo’s proposal of marriage after learning that it is the only thing that would keep her safe from the demons that want to eat her flesh and blood. As Kyo’s clan gets ready for the engagement ceremony, a rival demon attacks them and almost kills Misao.

To destroy the rival and rescue Misao, Kyo transforms into his actual demonic form, demonstrating the extent he would go to in order to keep her safe. At the conclusion of the episode, Misao is impressed by Kyo’s commitment but also terrified by his abilities.

Where Can I Watch Crunchyroll’s English Dubbed or Subtitled Black Bird Episode 1?

The greatest site to watch Black Bird episode 1 with subtitles or in English dub is on Crunchyroll. New episodes of the well-known anime streaming service are broadcast within one hour after they debut in Japan. Both ad-supported and premium ad-free subscriptions are available on Crunchyroll; the premium plan gives early access to new episodes.

Anime simulation

Black Bird is also simulated by Funimation, and the first episode may be seen with English dubbing or subtitles. With a Crunchyroll premium membership, you may view all of Funimation’s anime programming since they are now owned by Crunchyroll.

The Funimation applications for iOS and Android make it simple to enjoy the newest episodes while on the move.


A few weeks after they premiere in Japan, new episodes of Black Bird are available on Hulu. Only episode 1 is now accessible, with subtitles in either Japanese or English dubbing. The whole Hulu anime collection is accessible with a basic plan.

Watching anime while traveling or on a plane is made possible by Hulu’s applications, which can be downloaded for offline viewing.

Extra Options for Downloading and Streaming

Here are some other possibilities to think about, even if Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu are the best legal methods to watch Black Bird:

Black Bird isn’t available on Netflix right now, although they could add it to their collection later.
VRV provides access to HIDIVE and the whole anime library on Crunchyroll.
Australia and New Zealand can get Black Bird via AnimeLab.
Season passes and new episode downloads are also available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.
You may purchase and download episodes to watch offline from authorized digital retailers including Microsoft, Vudu, and Google Play.

Although fans may always travel the seven seas, the greatest way to help the creators is to watch or purchase episodes. Every Sunday, new episodes of Black Bird air in Japan. Simulcasts of these episodes may be found on Crunchyroll and Funimation immediately after.

Synopsis and Summary of Episode 1

First scene

A intriguing sight of a black crow soaring over a foggy woodland at night starts the first episode. The crow perches on a tree limb next to a traditional Japanese home, where Misao Harada, the main character, is experiencing a terrifying dream about being pursued.

Her shocked awakening portends the paranormal activities that are about to occur.

Kyo and Misao meet.

The next day at school, Kyo Shiga, a new transfer student, enters Misao’s class, upsetting her routine of calm existence. Misao is captivated and agitated by Kyo’s friendliness. Misao discovers Kyo on the rooftop, surrounded by birds, after school.

He tells Misao that he can communicate with crows and forebodingly informs her that she will soon “cross over to the other side.”

Kyo reveals his actual form.

Later, while Kyo and Misao are strolling home, he abruptly changes into a frightening, black, crow-like creature with sharp claws and attacks Misao. Terrified, she flees, but Kyo finds her and reveals he is a demon who poses as a person. Misao is told she had to accompany him to “the other world.”

Misao is brought to the world of demons.

Kyo transports himself and Misao to a terrifying world of blood-red demons populated by crows with the use of magical abilities. As Kyo’s claws pierce Misao’s skin, she lets out a scream. Dark, demonic entities encircle her, eager to feast on her body and spirit.

Savoring Misao’s fright, Kyo licks the blood from her wounds with a wicked smile.

Cliffhanger at the end

With Misao discovering she is now imprisoned in the demon world and at the mercy of Kyo and the other terrible beings hungry for her blood, the episode closes on a frightening cliffhanger. In the last moment, Misao can be seen sobbing in desperation and pleading for help to escape her nightmare.

After such a gripping premiere, fans are left wondering what will happen to Misao.

How Come Black Bird Is Such a Hit?

One of the most watched supernatural romance anime shows in recent memory is Black Bird. Its broad success among anime lovers is mostly due to a few important factors:

Eerie, paranormal love

Black Bird is fundamentally a dark love fantasy that combines passion and terror. The protagonist of the tale is Misao, a teenage girl with the supernatural power to draw demons. Kyo, a tengu demon kid who is also her love interest, looks out for her.

Viewers are enthralled with their forbidden supernatural love affair because of its drama and mystique.

Likable lead characters

The primary characters, Misao and Kyo, are multifaceted and well-developed, drawing viewers in right away. Misao is a strong female protagonist who is kind and resolute while at the same time vulnerable because of her talents. Kyo is a solitary demon youth who attempts to conceal his compassion under a rough demeanor.

The appeal of the program is mostly due to their relationship and personal development.

Elements of mythical folklore

Black Bird incorporates tales of monsters like tengu, ogre, and yokai, mainly drawing from Japanese mythology folklore. The drama is grounded in rich culture by the mystical supernatural components, which also give it an aura of faraway imagination.

These glimpses into the living embodiment of myth captivate viewers.

Dramatic animation and visual style

The eerie scene is brought to life with dynamic animation and a beautiful gothic visual style. During action moments, vivid colors juxtaposed with dark palettes make the pictures stand out. In times of emotion, intricate artwork serves to emphasize the seriousness of the circumstances.

The amazing quality of the animation really enhances the watching experience.

Plot twists and depth of emotion

Although Black Bird seems to be a magical romance, it delves into deeper emotional issues including pain, hopelessness, despair, and sacrifice. The challenges and personal development of the characters capture the attention of viewers.

They are always on the edge of their seats, wondering what will happen next due to unexpected narrative twists and tale developments. This intensely emotional ride captures spectators’ attention.

Black Bird is an alluring mix of romance, horror, drama, and mythology that is sure to captivate anime lovers and make a lasting impression. A program that is addicting and worthy of binge watching, with its rich characters, striking images, and surprising plot, continues to draw in new viewers every day.

Final Thoughts

Everything you need to view the first episode of Black Bird in English, with or without subtitles, is covered in this thorough guide. Now that you know where to watch it, have a thorough summary, and have an understanding of the reasons for the success of this anime, you should be ready to experience the first installment of this very addictive dark fantasy romance.

In summary, the first episode of Black Bird presents the supernatural idea, introduces Misao and Kyo, and finishes on a dramatic cliffhanger that leaves viewers wanting more. You really have no excuse not to watch the captivating first episode of this contemporary anime masterpiece right now, especially with the abundance of streaming alternatives available.

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