Do Owls Eat Rabbits? All You Need To Know

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Owls differ in size from the tiny little owl to the massive eagle owl, which is the biggest owl in the world. As a result, owls often eat a wide variety of foods, but do they sometimes include rabbits in their meals?

Since rabbits are an excellent food source, almost all owl species hunt them. Most owls, including the screech and tiny owls, may feed on small and infant rabbits, while bigger owls, such as barn owls, barred owls, hawk owls, and great horned owls, will hunt adult and larger rabbits.

Due to their opportunistic hunting style, owls prey on a wide variety of prey, including wild rabbits and several other small rodents and big animals.

Additionally, the majority of them are nocturnal, meaning they hunt mostly at night. When combined with their exceptional hearing, vision, speed, accuracy, and patience, these traits make owls very effective hunters.

Because owl species vary widely in size, so too do their capacities for supporting various weights. One species that can lift up to four times its own body weight is the great horned owl. This indicates that they have no trouble transporting the biggest hares and rabbits. Wild rabbits typically weigh 4 pounds (1.8 kg), whereas hares weigh around 9 pounds (4 kg).

How are rabbits hunted by owls?

When rabbits are out in the open munching on grass, owls are most likely to chase and capture them. Usually, they’ll settle upon a limb and bide their time.

The owl will discreetly descend and use its strong, sharp talons to strike the unlucky, unaware rabbit if it is not startled. By crushing the rabbit’s head and breaking it apart after consumption, these talons are often utilized to kill rabbits.

Owls usually eat their prey whole, unless they are searching for their young and bring the kill back to the nest.

Do owls eat domestic pet rabbits?

As far as your pet rabbit is concerned, owls are generally not a problem. Make sure your rabbit is housed in a hutch with a roof to help keep predators away just to be extra cautious.

Although it is highly uncommon, owls have been known to feed on domestic rabbits under dire circumstances. Since owls and other raptors that eat rabbits are often afraid of people, this is more likely to happen in rural areas—again, under very specific conditions.

Hutches are the greatest way to safeguard your pet rabbit, but you can also repel them with security lights and noise. For example, if you saw an owl landing close to your rabbit in your yard, you might drive it away by creating noise, as owls are terrified of people.

Do owls eat hares?

In a similar manner, owls will also eat hares and rabbits. The bigger owls will chase the adult and larger hares, while the smaller owls will pursue the baby and smaller hares once again.

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