Where Can I Sell My Birds? A Detailed Guide

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You’ve made the decision to sell a few of your pet birds. It might be difficult to choose where to sell them. To make sure your feathery friends find happy new homes, we’ll take you through all of your choices in our in-depth guide, from neighborhood pet shops to internet markets.

Here are some simple recommendations in case you’re pressed for time: Try listing the birds on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, asking local pet shops whether they purchase directly from breeders, or visiting specialty bird sales websites like Birdtrader.

Providing Local Pet Stores with Products

One way to find a place to sell your birds is to go to your neighborhood pet shop. A lot of pet shops are interested in purchasing birds to add to their stock and sell them to consumers who want to furnish their homes with a feathered companion.

The following advice will assist you in navigating the process of selling to nearby pet retailers.

Make Inquiries at Local Pet Stores

Making a list of local pet retailers and calling them to find out whether they would be interested in purchasing birds is the first step. Begin by describing the kinds of birds you are selling and inquiring as to if they are buying birds at the moment.

It’s vital to remember that not every pet shop will purchase birds, so it’s a good idea to inquire about which ones will.

Verify the Reputation and Reviews

Make sure to do due diligence and investigate any pet shop before committing to a transaction. This might offer you a sense of their reliability and the feedback from previous vendors who have dealt with them.

Seek for pet shops with a solid reputation for ethical business practices and favorable evaluations.

Inquire about Their Bird Purchase Procedure

It’s crucial to enquire about the pet store’s bird purchasing procedure if you locate one that is interested in purchasing your birds. Ask them about the kinds of birds they usually buy, any special needs they may have, and how they figure out the cost.

While some pet retailers may be open to haggling based just on your description and images, others would want to see the birds in person before making an offer.

Note: You may have other options than selling birds to pet retailers. Think about looking into alternative options, such local bird lovers who could be interested in buying your birds, bird clubs, or even internet bird markets.

Utilizing Local Online Classifieds

Using ad sites to sell your birds locally may be a successful strategy. It is simpler to locate interested individuals when merchants use these internet platforms to connect with local purchasers. Consider checking out these well-known local classifieds websites:


One popular online marketplace where you can purchase and sell a broad range of goods, including birds, is Craigslist. Making a listing is easy and cost-free, and it gives you access to a wide local audience.

Make sure you include crisp, eye-catching pictures of your birds together with thorough descriptions and your contact details. When closing the deal, don’t forget to be cautious and meet purchasers in well-lit areas.

Marketplace on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace has been more well-known as a practical platform for local product purchases and sales in recent years. It provides a huge potential audience for your bird listings with millions of users. Just list your birds for sale, including images, and other pertinent information.

To increase exposure, you may also post your ad on Facebook and join local birding enthusiast groups. For your protection, it’s critical to be alert and engage with prospective purchasers via the platform.

Local Online Classified Advertising

There are more regional or national-specific local classifieds websites in addition to Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. These websites provide a more specialized market, which facilitates local buyer connections. OLX, Gumtree, and Kijiji are a few instances.

Utilize these channels to connect with prospective customers who have a particular interest in birds.

Selling your birds on local classifieds sites requires you to provide correct information, answer questions right away, and stay in contact with possible purchasers. Additionally, be sure you are abiding by any local laws or ordinances about the selling of birds.

Specialist Websites for Bird Sales

Several specialist bird sales websites may assist you in finding possible purchasers if you’re trying to sell your birds. These websites target bird aficionados and provide a particular market for you to sell your feathered companions. These are three well-liked choices:

Bird Merchants

One of the top online marketplaces for buying and selling birds is called Birdtrader. This platform draws a lot of bird enthusiasts and breeders since it offers a broad variety of bird species. You may connect with potential customers by listing your birds for sale on Birdtrader, regardless of the kind they are—parrots, canaries, finches, or any other kind of bird.

You may include all of your birds’ details on Birdtrader, including species, age, gender, and any unique traits or attributes. For the greatest possible representation of your birds, you may also add pictures.

Direct connection between buyers and sellers is made possible by the site, which facilitates price negotiations and plans the safe transfer of the birds to their new homes.


An other well-liked website for selling birds is birdbreeders.com. This website provides an easy means of getting in touch with possible purchasers, thanks to its user-friendly layout and vibrant community of bird lovers.

To reach your target audience, Birdbreeders.com can assist you, regardless of whether you are a professional breeder or a private person trying to find a new home for your beloved bird.

You may provide comprehensive information about your birds’ breed, age, health, and any specialized training they may have had when you post them for sale on Birdbreeders.com. You may also establish your own rates on the marketplace and bargain with potential customers.

Birdbreeders.com is an invaluable resource for both buyers and sellers as it also provides information and manuals on bird care and breeding.


Using a community-driven platform, Flocktalk.com is a unique online bird sales site that connects bird enthusiasts and owners. It gives enthusiasts of birds a place to meet, exchange stories, and purchase or trade birds.

Among the features available on Flocktalk.com are classified advertisements, discussion forums, and a marketplace for goods and services pertaining to birds.

You may establish a listing on Flocktalk.com that includes comprehensive details on your birds, including species, age, and any special qualities. The platform promotes trust and a feeling of community by enabling direct contact between buyers and vendors.

Furthermore, a plethora of information about bird care and training is available on Flocktalk.com, including articles, videos, and professional guidance.

Selling your birds to a specific group of bird enthusiasts and breeders is made easy and successful with the help of these specialist bird sales websites. You may discover the ideal homes for your feathery companions and reach a larger pool of prospective purchasers by using these sites.

Visiting an Expo or Bird Mart Locating Local Expos & Bird Marts

Getting in touch with prospective customers at a bird fair or mart may be quite beneficial if you’re trying to sell your birds. It’s crucial to find out when and where these activities are happening in your neighborhood since they usually take place in a variety of locales.

You may locate future bird marts in your area by doing a fast web search or by contacting your local bird groups.

Furthermore, websites like www.birdmart.com and www.birdexpo.com provide details about bird expos and marts taking place throughout the nation. These websites might assist you in locating future Bird Mart dates and locations and often have an event calendar.

How to Get Your Birds Ready for Sale

Making sure your birds are healthy and ready for sale is crucial before going to a bird market or expo. Ensure that they have received the appropriate nutrition, grooming, and any required shots or health examinations.

As you tidy and clean their cages or carriers, think about packing some food and drink for the trip.

Having any required documents on hand, such as health certificates or proof of the bird’s age and breed, is also a good idea. This may instill more confidence in prospective customers to make their purchases.

Calculating the Cost of Your Birds

It could be challenging to choose the appropriate price for your birds. The breed, age, health, and rarity of the bird are among the variables that might impact its value. Doing some research to find out what comparable birds are selling for at bird markets or online is a smart idea.

Remember that selling your birds too expensive will turn away prospective customers while pricing them too cheap could cause people to question the bird’s condition or quality. Striking a balance between the bird’s worth and prospective purchasers’ desires is crucial.

When determining the price for your birds, take into account their special characteristics as well as any extras like cages or accessories that you could be selling. Be ready to haggle with prospective purchasers, and don’t be scared to modify your price plan as necessary.

For bird owners wishing to sell their birds, visiting a bird market or expo may be a fun and fulfilling experience. Your chances of finding the ideal purchasers for your feathered companions will rise if you locate nearby bird marts, prepare your birds for sale, and price them correctly.

Identifying Purchasers Using Social Media

Social media networks have developed into effective resources for interacting with prospective customers and marketing a variety of goods, including birds. Using social media is a terrific choice if you’re wondering where to sell your birds.

You may utilize the following well-known social media sites to locate buyers for your birds:

Facebook Communities

There are a lot of Facebook groups devoted to buying and selling animals, especially birds. These organizations provide a venue for bird lovers to interact, exchange knowledge, and take part in transactions.

Simply look for local birding clubs or larger bird enthusiast networks to locate possible purchasers. When listing your birds for sale on the group, be sure to read and abide by the rules and standards.

It’s critical to give comprehensive details on the birds, such as breed, age, health status, and any extra gear or accessories that are part of the deal. Adding excellent pictures and videos of your birds to your website will also assist draw in more prospective customers.


Another well-liked social media site that you may utilize to locate possible customers for your birds is Instagram. You may create a special account only for your birds and highlight their special characteristics and cute moments.

To reach a larger audience, use relevant hashtags like #birdsofinstagram, #birdlovers, or #birdsforsale. Like and comment on other bird lovers’ posts to foster community, and follow accounts with similar interests.

Creating a network of bird enthusiasts will help you identify more potential customers for your birds.

Alternative Social Media Channels

Apart from Facebook and Instagram, there are alternative social media sites that might facilitate your communication with prospective purchasers of birds. There are bird-related forums and conversations on social media sites including Reddit, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Make use of these channels to advertise your birds for sale and interact with potential purchasers. Every platform has a distinct user base and set of features, therefore you need to adjust your strategy appropriately.

For instance, you may use pertinent hashtags to engage in Twitter conversations on birds and draw in new customers.

Recall that it’s crucial to put the welfare and moral treatment of your birds first while utilizing social media to market them. Make sure you provide them with precise information about the kind of care they need and about any paperwork that may be required.

Not only will establishing a good reputation as a conscientious bird vendor draw in more customers, but it will also improve the general well-being of the birds in question.

Final Thoughts

While choosing to sell your beloved birds might be challenging, doing so will guarantee that they find loving homes if you choose the correct buyer and market. Consider all of your alternatives, both locally and online, and spend some time figuring out where your birds will be most likely to be bought.

Remember to carefully screen any prospective purchasers to be sure they will take good care of your feathery companions.

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