16 Mesmerizing Black Birds with Yellow Eyes [Pictures+IDs]

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Yellow goes well with a variety of colors but black and yellow are an impeccable color combination. This is the reason when someone sees black birds with yellow eyes, it immediately gets attention. So if you are one of those people who has come across a black bird with yellow eyes and want to know more about them you are at the right place.

There are several birds that fit into this criteria. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of these Black Birds with Yellow Eyes and some information regarding the birds which will help you identify them.

List of black birds with yellow eyes

1.  Black currawong

Black Birds with Yellow Eyes

What is the size of Black currawongs? Black currawongs have a wingspan of 31 inches and a height of roughly 20 inches.

What do Black currawongs look like? They have golden eyes and are entirely black. It has a thick, black bill. brilliant yellow eyes.

The family of artamidae, which also contains butcherbirds and magpies, includes black currawongs. They live in the central highlands, where they eat berries and carrion. It has a reputation for being highly talkative, releasing a range of loud cries that may be heard from a fair distance.

Their breeding begins in August and lasts until December. Eggs laid by females are purple-brown.

2. Steller’s Sea Eagle

Black Birds with Yellow Eyes

What is the size of Steller’s Sea Eagle? The Pacific and Atlantic seas are home to the huge, soaring Steller’s Sea Eagle. they are huge birds with a length of 80 to 100 cm and weight of roughly 8 kg. They are thought to have a circumpolar range, which means they may be found in all nations north of the Arctic Circle and in those on the Antarctic Peninsula. Their habitat includes inland and coastal regions of marine and terrestrial environments.

What does Steller’s Sea Eagle eat? They scavenge corpses in addition to eating fish and other small animals. Although nests are often built in tall trees or on cliffs, they have also been found in structures like buildings and power lines, as well as on ice floes. Globally, there are thought to be 3,000 Steller’s Sea Eagles.

3. Great-tailed grackles (Black Birds with Yellow Eyes)

What is the size of great-tailed grackles? The great-tailed grackles are a common sight in Texas. Their stretched wings are around 22 inches, adults have a height of 15 to 18 inches. Great-tailed grackle females are lighter than adult males.

Do male and female great-tailed grackles look the same? They have sexual dimorphism, like the majority of blackbirds with yellow eyes. The male great-tailed grackle has a body that is black, has dark feet, and a conspicuously lengthy tail.

Take note of the strikingly golden eyes. To make identification simple, keep an eye out for its long tail and flat skull. Brown eyes are also seen in female great-tailed grackles.

The powerful, stunning sounds of these birds are well-known. They may be low-pitched warning cries, loud territorial songs, or tinkling notes.

What do great-tailed grackles eat? Great-tailed grackles are omnivores and will consume a wide variety of foods, including seeds, fruits, and insects. In addition, they are renowned for being fiercely territorial defenders.

When do grackles lay their eggs? Great-tailed grackles begin breeding in April by making large nests, which are followed by the laying of one to five eggs. They typically spend two weeks incubating.

4.  Blackbird of Brewer (small black birds with yellow eyes)

Black Birds with Yellow Eyes

What is the size of brewer’s blackbird? Both sexes of Brewer’s blackbirds have different sizes. the males are larger than the females. The males have a length of 8 to 9.5 inches and a 14.6-inch wingspan. Females have a wingspan of 14.6 inches and measure 7.9 to 8.8 inches.

What does brewer’s blackbird look like? A greenish gloss covers the male Brewer’s blackbird’s head, and his wings have a metallic purple sheen. His basic color is black. They have glowing golden eyes. With a few duller streaks and a little supercilium, the female is mostly brown in color.

What do Brewer’s blackbirds eat? Brewer’s blackbirds consume insects including grasshoppers, caterpillars, and spiders for food. They will also consume berries, leftover grain, and snails.

5.  Black and yellow broadbill

Black Birds with Yellow EyesWhat is the size of black and yellow broadbill? The average adult broadbill is 5.3 to 5.9 inches long. This blackbird of average size weighs around 1.2 oz.

What do a black and yellow broadbill look like? The black and yellow broadbill is distinctive because to its shorter tail and colorful body. With the exception of the white band around its neck and the yellow patterns on its wings, the upper parts are all black. It has a blue bill, yellow eyes, and white underparts.

Broadbills with black and yellow plumage are often seen in couples or small groups. These insects and fruit-eating birds may be seen in gardens and woodlands. Their distinctive cry, which resembles a booming “coos” and “jeer,” is well-known. They are timid birds and will often flee if someone approaches.

Although black and yellow broadbills are uncommon, their vivid colors make it simple to recognize them. They are stunning to see and a wonderful addition to any birding list.

6.  Common grackle

Black Birds with Yellow Eyes

What is the size of common grackle? The common grackle, which may be found from Southern California to Texas and Arizona, is a regular sight in most backyards. From head to tail, the adult may be up to 13 inches long, and its wingspan can reach 18 inches. Common grackle males are substantially bigger than females.

What does a common grackle look like? Males may be identified by their long tails, black, bronzy bodies, and blue heads. Take note of the thick beak and drab eyes. Females have eyes that are completely light brown.

Where does common grackle make nests? This species creates cup-shaped nests during the mating season, when females may deposit up to seven eggs. Young grackles leave the nest after three weeks of incubation.

7. Common Goldeneye

What is the size of Common Goldeneye? The Common Goldeneye is native to North America and Eurasia. They are about 40to 50cm in size.

What does a Common Goldeneye look like? The distinctive triangular, iridescent green heads of male Goldeneyes are noted for having a circular, white patch adjacent to their all-black bills. Their backs are black, and their bodies are predominantly white. However, female Goldeneyes have grey bodies and triangular, brown heads. While the tips of their bills are yellow.

Before finally settling on brilliant yellow in mature males and light yellow to white in adult females, Common Goldeneyes’ eyes undergo a number of color changes. When goldeneyes hatch, their eyes are gray-brown; after five months, they become purple-blue, blue, green-blue, and ultimately light green-yellow.

What does Common Goldeneye eat? The food of common goldeneyes is quite varied; they eat fish, fish eggs, and aquatic invertebrates. They will hunt for crustaceans, mollusks, insects, and even seeds in shallow waters or by diving to a depth of under 13 feet.

8. Pale-eyed blackbird

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What is the size of Pale-eyed blackbirds? Pale-eyed blackbirds are resident breeders in South America, unlike the other blackbirds on this list. The average height of a male is 8 inches, while a female is 7 inches.

What do Pale-eyed blackbirds look like? Pale-eyed blackbirds are all-black birds with black bills and pale eyes that are closely related to other blackbirds.

What do pale-eyed blackbirds eat? The marshy environments are preferred by the pale-eyed blackbird. They consume a range of insects, such as beetles, caterpillars, and grasshoppers, since they are insectivores.

Where do Pale-Eyed Blackbirds make nests? Simple nests made of grass or other materials are made by Pale-Eyed Blackbirds close to the ground. 3-5 eggs are laid by the female, and they are incubated for 12–13 days. Another 12 to 14 days pass until the babies fledge.

Blackbirds with pale eyes are widespread across their range and are neither threatened or endangered. They are, however, becoming fewer in number as a result of habitat loss and environmental deterioration.

9.  Pale-eyed thrush

What is the size of the pale-eyed thrush? The pale-eyed thrush is a black bird with yellow eyes that may be found from Brazil to Venezuela. It likes to hide in dense vegetation. An adult is about 8 inches long.

What does a Pale-eyed thrush look like? The pale-eyed thrush has a black body with yellow feet, eyes, and pale eyes, similar to the pale-eyed blackbird above.

What do Pale-eyed thrushes eat? Pale-eyed thrushes consume seeds and insects for food. Usually, it forages on the ground or at low heights among shrubs and trees. Using grasses and other materials, this species creates a cup-shaped nest in a protected area close to the ground.

10. Spectacled owl

Black Birds with Yellow Eyes

What is the size of a Spectacled owl? The average length of a black-banded owl is between 16.6 and 20.6 inches.

What does a Spectacled owl look like? The spectacled owl is one of the most easily recognized owls in the United States due to its body color, which is a combination of black, dark grey, and white. The owl’s name refers to the area around its eyes that resembles spectacles.

The spectacled owl does not migrate since it is a resident species. It spends the majority of the nighttime hours hunting small animals, birds, and reptiles.

Where do Spectacled owls make nests? It constructs a cup-shaped nest of wood and leaves in trees or other high areas. The male spends roughly 31 days incubating the 2-4 eggs that the female lays. After they hatch, the baby owls are raised by both parents.

11. Boat-tailed grackle

What is the size of boat-tailed grackles? A male boat-tailed grackle’s size is 15 to 17 inches long and up to 8.8 ounces in weight. Females are shorter, measuring 13 inches long and 4.1 oz.

What does a boat-tailed grackle look like? The boat tail grackle has an absurdly long tail that makes it easy to identify. Look for a bird that is all black, with vivid purple or green shine on the males’ or brown on the females’ feathers.

It’s important to note that, depending on where they live, boat-tailed grackles have varied hue eyes. They are mostly yellow on the Atlantic coast, whereas their eyes are black over the Western Gulf coast.

What do Boat-tailed grackles eat? Boat-tailed grackles are omnivores and consume a wide range of foods. They often reside close to water bodies where they may hunt for food and find refuge. They often gather in big flocks and are sociable.

12. Osprey

What is the size of the Osprey? The Osprey is a big black and white bird with golden eyes that is known to travel throughout the United States during different seasons. The ospreys are large and distinctive birds that may weigh up to 4 lbs. It has a wingspan of 71 inches and measures 19 to 26 inches.

What do Ospreys look like? Ospreys may be recognized by their brown-black backs, white heads and chests, and white wings.

What do ospreys eat? they mainly eat fish, although they will also eat rats and rabbits, among other small animals. They normally lay two eggs per clutch and nest in trees.

In certain regions of the globe, ospreys are regarded as an endangered species because of things like habitat loss and pollution. They have been designated a species of least concern in North America, where they are flourishing.

13. Black harrier (Black Birds with Yellow Eyes)

What is the size of a Black harrier? Another raptor with yellow eyes is the black harrier, which may be found in South Africa. Its length ranges from 17 to 20 inches, and its 45-inch wingspan.

What does a black harrier look like? The tail and wings of this raptor are predominantly black with grey streaks. Black harrier juveniles have pale underparts.


What do black harriers eat? Typically, the black harrier preys on both birds and small animals like rats. It searches for prey by flying slowly over the ground while hunting. This hawk also catches prey with its razor-sharp talons. The black harrier constructs its nest on cliffs or in lofty trees. The eggs are laid by the female and are incubated for 35 days on average. After roughly 50 days, the chicks leave the nest on their own.

14. Black hawk-eagle

What is the size of the black hawk-eagle? The black hawk-eagle is a raptor from South America that may weigh up to 3 lbs and is between 23 and 28 inches in length. The size of men and females is the same.

What does a black hawk-eagle look like? It has strongly banded underparts and dark brown to black feathers. Juveniles have a pale heads and are more brownish.

What do black hawk-eagle eat? The black hawk-eagle is a predator and scavenger that eats fish, carrion, and small animals. This bird has a history of robbing other birds of their food.

15. American oystercatcher

What is the size of the oystercatcher? American oystercatchers, like other species in its family, range in length from 15 to 17.5 inches and weigh up to 25 oz.

What does oystercatcher look like? It’s difficult to overlook this huge, striking shorebird. When bird watching, keep an eye out for birds with distinctive orange-red beaks, dark heads, white underparts, yellow eye rings, and, of course, dazzling red eyes. With a black tip on their bill, young adults appear duller. These birds have long, thick bills that are uniquely specialized for cracking open oysters and other shellfish, making them ideally suited to live near the sea. Another characteristic of American oystercatchers is their loud, unique cries. The noises “peep,” “weeer,” and “hueep” is high.

Where does oystercatcher make nests? On sand-covered beaches or rugged coastal cliffs, American oystercatchers often nest in colonies. The females deposit 4-6 eggs in a simple scrape on the ground, while the males engage in intricate wooing rituals to entice partners. The eggs are incubated and the newborn chicks are cared for by both parents.

What do American oystercatchers eat? American oystercatchers are opportunistic feeders and will consume a range of organisms that may be found close to the water, such as crabs, clams, mussels, worms, and insects.

16. Black eagle

What is the size of a black eagle? The black eagle is a huge raptor in Asia, with a wingspan of around 4 feet and a length of about 30 inches.

What does a black eagle look like? It is a black or dark brown bird with golden feet and a beak. The colors of both sexes are the same, however, young black eagles have duller colors.

What do black eagles eat? Although it sometimes consumes various small animals, birds, and reptiles, the black eagle mostly feeds on snakes. It builds its nest in trees, often close to rocky terrain or waterfalls.

Final Thoughts on Black Birds with Yellow Eyes:

Black Birds with Yellow Eyes are a spectacle to watch. These contrasting colors always look fascinating on birds. we hope this blog has helped in knowing more about these birds.

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