Pigeon Symbolism, Spiritual Meaning and Totem

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Pigeons are the dominant bird in the globe, from New York City to London’s Trafalgar Square and all points in between. Being one of the most widespread birds, they have influenced many civilizations and faiths over the ages. Because of this, pigeons are shrouded in mystery and, depending on who you ask, may have several hidden meanings. You may be astonished to learn about the significance of pigeons, regardless of your opinion towards birds or pigeons as pests!

We’ll walk you through pigeon symbolism and determine if a pigeon is your spirit animal or what a pigeon totem could be trying to tell you.

Are Pigeons Rodents or Birds?

A group of birds that includes many pigeon and dove species includes pigeons as a subspecies. The rock pigeon is the common domestic pigeon that we often keep as pets or see in the wild. It is available in a wide variety of feather colors and designs.

While some consider pigeons to be pests, others like them and keep them as pets. Because they leave behind droppings that harm roads, pavements, and other properties, pigeons are more often seen as pests in urban areas. Moreover, illness may also be carried by wild pigeons.

Pigeons in the countryside, on the other hand, can be regarded as game, which means they are captured and consumed!

Finally, keep in mind that a dove and a pigeon are not the same. They belong to the same family group but are distinct subspecies. Although their meanings and symbols overlap, they are not the same! Doves are often associated with harmony, love, and serenity. Even while pigeons have a position in many faiths, they are also significantly more important.

Symbolism of Pigeons

Numerous movies and literature have included pigeons. Furthermore, don’t let Hitchcock’s The Birds deter you. It’s interesting that pigeons, which are really rather bright animals, have been presented as heroic in several movies and as vacuous in others.

Pigeons are sophisticated animals that can do anything from carry messages to support scientists. They also make excellent survivors.

The primary traits and ideas that pigeons represent are:

Fertility and wealth, Survival and inner strength, Communication and comfort in a vast social circle, Determination, tenacity, and ultimate success,
Forgiveness and mercy, harmony and the ability to soar.

Conversely, doves tend to be more peaceful and kind.

Not only can pigeons live in the wild, but they can also flourish on very little. They multiply quickly and seem to withstand adversity, which is why they may represent both inner strength and fertility/prosperity.

Meanings of Pigeons in

The interpretation might vary depending on where you see or feel the pigeon. Context is very important, particularly when interpreting dreams with pigeons!


The pigeon is often associated with optimism, opportunity, and creativity in dreams; these associations are typically related to social aspects of life.

The pigeon may sometimes stand in for a friend, family, or an occasion involving them.

A motionless pigeon might indicate that you should check in with your social circle or that someone close to you needs your assistance or pity in order to bring about peace. It can also indicate that you should give someone in your life more of your attention; use the pigeon’s success and tenacity as inspiration to make things better.

The pigeon’s behavior may also be noteworthy:

Flying away: Harmony may become imbalanced or a person in your life may soon go.
Flying in the direction of or around someone or something you want to get free from.
Feeding is often a bad indication. It can indicate that you are providing assistance to someone who is not in need of it or that someone is abusing your forgiveness and kindness.
If you chase or shoo away pigeons, it may indicate that you are rejecting your spirit animal (see below) or that you are not living up to one of the meanings associated with pigeons:
You are not paying attention to social circles, you are giving up on someone or something instead of enduring, and you are not willing to provide forgiveness or compassion to others.
Shooting or killing pigeons may cause you to lose a member of your social circle, most likely intentionally or as a consequence of a tense disagreement.

Pigeons may represent freedom, but in dreams, doves often represent freedom, harmony, peace, and love. The pigeon is often associated with more practical communication and social areas of your life.


Pigeons often fall into two types when it comes to

Realistic tattoos that honor the pigeon as your spirit animal or as a pet; symbolic cartoon tattoos of pigeons that are combined with various symbols.

Pigeons have been seen clutching beverages, donning crowns and caps, and even sporting tattooed umbrellas. These are often hilarious and cheeky, but they are also quite personal. The individual who has the tattoo usually interprets them in a humorous and intimate way.

Other tattoos of pigeons that suggest deeper meanings often include the birds flying or arranged in a sleeve. Popular imagery is a pigeon with a flower or sunset in the background. Incorporated throughout the tattoo pattern may be names as well; it’s possible that the wearer lost a loved one with a pigeon spirit animal.

Pigeon tattoo meanings are likely to be quite personal, although like other tattoos, they may be connected to their generic symbolism.

Totem Animal

Have you ever imagined an animal, like a pigeon, and then, over the course of the next week, saw that pigeon-related content was everywhere? This may be a totem animal. It goes beyond just passing the same park, frequented by pigeons, each morning. It also involves hearing about them in talks, seeing references to them in movies, TV shows, books, and pretty much everywhere else in your life.

This kind of pigeon totem might be an indication for you to pay attention to. In general, you get guidance from the pigeon totem when:

Someone in your life is abusing your forgiveness and kindness; you should reevaluate your social circle and maybe even kick those who betray you out.
You have a wonderful chance to learn, to be patient, and to be nice.

A pigeon may serve as a guide. As a bird, it represents freedom since it has the ability to soar. It also represents tenacity and diligence. The pigeon is, above all, a symbol of survival. The pigeon totem most likely showed up because you need direction to go from a discordant situation in your life to a peaceful one.

Your pigeon totem will guide you into prosperity. Disaster or as least stagnation might ensue from ignoring the pigeon totem and doing nothing. Will you take the pigeon’s survival advice? It knows how to survive.

Animal Spirit

Your spirit animal is a true reflection of who you are. Should pigeons be your spirit animal, you probably possess these qualities:

Be positive even when everything seems to be against you.
kind, compassionate, and willing to pardon,
resolute, tenacious, and sometimes obstinate,
“Up for anything” and social,
a terrific survivor with typically good card play.

Despite being a common bird worldwide, those who have the pigeon as their spirit animal possess a few exceptional qualities. These folks often make excellent friends and parents. They are a diligent and uplifting force in society. Someone with a pigeon spirit animal will be willing to accompany you on adventures or when you ask for a favor!

The spirit animal of the pigeon is also aware of when to provide forgiveness and kindness. They are devoted and generally good-hearted individuals. They are, yet, also very tenacious and driven. They tackle things with determination when they have a goal or a concept in mind. This might be seen by some as being obstinate.

The individual who has the pigeon spirit animal will still be standing when chaos or calamity passes. Even if they sometimes lose, pigeons are survivors, and ultimately, they are meant to be prosperous and fertile.

Pigeons in Culture and Religion

For millennia, humans have coexisted with the common domestic pigeon, doves, and all the various pigeon types found worldwide. Despite having arrived in America from Europe until in the 17th century, they have been influencing prehistoric societies worldwide ever since written history started.

Egypt in the past

Pigeons are shown in paintings and scrolls that have remained from the ancient Egyptian civilization. During this period, pigeons were a regular sight along the Nile and were very important to the Egyptian populace.

Pigeons provided food for the Egyptians and were also highly valued for their droppings, which they utilized as fertilizer. The extraordinary tall structures with all the openings in them are called pigeon towers, and that is where the pigeons were housed.

Ramses III is also said to have donated 57,810 birds to the Temple of Amun. Pigeons were not allowed to be eaten by priests, but they were acceptable to offer as presents to the gods. The pigeon was an important animal in ancient Egyptian society even though it wasn’t considered a holy animal.


Don’t you see all creatures in the skies and on the earth glorify Allah, even the birds on the wing? Each ones knows its prayer, and its manner of praise. And Allah is fully cognizant of what they are doing.

Pigeons are revered creatures in Islam. They were important in two sacred cities and helped Muhammad in his hour of need. This is an excellent illustration of a religion or culture that views pigeons as beings to be respected and appreciated, rather than as nuisances.

Pigeons in battle

Pigeons had a purpose in both World Wars One and Two. Pigeons that honed in were crucial couriers, carrying messages from the front lines. For their efforts and ability to save the lives of American and British soldiers, several pigeons were even awarded medals.

Here’s another illustration of the pigeon’s intelligence. Pigeons, while sometimes seen as rats and an annoyance (particularly by automobiles), have several benefits for civilization.


While mocking pigeons, this film also shows some of their practical uses. It may be possible to save lives by using the pigeon’s vision and tenacity. This demonstrates the sociable side of pigeon symbolism as well—pigeons and people cooperating.

Naturally, this does not imply that a wild pigeon can convey messages or save lives! Domestic varieties trained specifically for the task were homing pigeons and battle pigeons۔

Pigeons, along with the London Eye, black taxis, and red buses, are a popular sight that visitors adore. Once upon a time, hundreds of pigeons flocked in Trafalgar Square to be fed by visitors.

But since 2001, regulations and legislation have been implemented to stop visitors from feeding the pigeons. Their number in Trafalgar Square has decreased as a consequence. Some Londoners did not take this well. Some families, who had been providing bird feed to the pigeons in Trafalgar Square for decades, were suddenly unemployed.

But pigeons are still present in London. Pigeons are often seen around cathedrals and other significant landmarks in London, much as in the song Feed the Birds by Mary Poppins.

They really are a historical emblem of Britain in this sense.

Final Thoughts

The common bird that was once referred to as a “flying rat” is a wonderful and kind creature. The pigeon represents not just survival and willpower but also peace and compassion. Don’t give up if your spirit animal is a pigeon! Likewise, it would be prudent to pay attention to the warning and take appropriate action if you start to encounter a pigeon totem in your life. You too will live to see another day, just like the pigeon.

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