Is Bird Poop Good Luck? Symbolism and Meaning Explained

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You were most likely not pleased if you had ever been pooped on by a bird, which is a possibility. It’s ironic because a lot of people see this little disaster as good luck, so you may want to adjust your perspective!

Read on for a humorous look at the untidy side of the bird world as we explore the widely held notion that bird excrement brings good fortune.

History of the Belief

Birds are often represented in human tradition and superstition, whether they are seen as a portent of death, as with the Owl, or as a sign of peace, as with the Dove. Their many stories and legends, known from civilizations all across the globe, have captivated us for millennia due to their beauty, mystique, and elegant flight.

The fortunate bird poop concept is thought to have originated in Russia. This myth states that if a bird poos on you or your car, good luck and financial prosperity may come your way. The fact that the chances of being pooped on are so slim at any particular moment might be the cause of this belief.

Variations Across Various Cultures

Even if the myth’s precise beginnings are unknown, it could be consoling to know that so many of us have been fortunate. Birds are found all across the globe, and Russian culture is not the only one to believe that bird droppings bring good fortune. In actuality, people from a wide range of cultures and faiths subscribe to this viewpoint. For instance, in Turkey, being pooped on by a bird meant purchasing a lottery ticket!

Getting pooped on by a bird is considered lucky in some cultures!

From a psychological standpoint

Without a little superstition to liven things up, the world can be a very bleak and harsh place, and sometimes, this propensity may lead to some rather bizarre beliefs! Humans have clung onto some fairly extreme beliefs throughout history, which have led to behaviours and even times we’d want to forget. This specific view, nevertheless, is an intriguing exception.

It’s a harmless, even delightful, ubiquitous belief that a well-aimed bird brings good luck. Even if it seems ridiculous, we should all try to see the bright side of something that may easily irritate or even offend others.

“Message” instead of “Mess”

Is there any empirical evidence for the superstitious notion that bird droppings are auspicious? Well, someone in New Zealand reportedly won a sizeable amount from a lotto scratch card after being pooped on, but to be fair, a lot of others have had good fortune without the help of bird droppings!

Although a lot of people claim that being pooped on by a bird brings good luck, this is a widely held superstition that cannot be proven or refuted. That being said, if you’re hoping for some good fortune after being pooped on, it won’t seem like a coincidence if it occurs.

The odds of being pooped on by that bird flying above are quite slim, despite the fact that it occurs every day around the globe. It seems sense that the “lucky victim” would believe they had been picked by a higher force given the chances.

Canada Goose while flying. There’s virtually little possibility of being pooped on by that bird that’s flying above.

Bird Poop in Contemporary Pop Culture and Media

Bird faeces has appeared in a lot of films; from the 1977 comedy “Scary Movie 2” to the classic “High Anxiety.” In the fantasy movie “Mirror Mirror” (2012), Julia Roberts used bird faeces as a beauty therapy more recently. You may be astonished to hear that some well-known celebrities really give themselves bird dung facials to improve their complexion!

But birds also sometimes score direct strikes while watching live television. It seems like everyone may have their own dose of good fortune, from news reporters to professional football and golf players.

The Scientific View on Bird Manure

It’s likely that you’ve observed that bird faeces and animal waste don’t look same. It usually has two components, in different amounts: white and brown/green. The explanation for this is really straightforward.

In contrast to mammals, birds of prey expel both nitrogenous waste and excrement via the same orifice, called the cloaca. The darker portions of bird excrement are their faeces, while the white portion is uric acid, which is the avian counterpart of urine.

In theory, there’s nothing unique about bird faeces that would account for why it could or might not bring good fortune. From a biological perspective, bird droppings are just the poisonous and indigestible remnants of their meal!

Actually, there are advantages and disadvantages to bird faeces. Positively, seabird droppings, or guano, are a great fertiliser and have been collected for generations for this purpose. But apart from being ugly, bird droppings may also harbour dangerous fungus and germs.

How You Should Respond If a Bird “Blesses” You

Accept it with grace and a grin if a bird ever poos on you. We are surrounded by birds, and these things really happen! It is true that bird droppings may harbour a variety of unsavoury “bugs,” but if you clean up the mess with soap and water, there is very little risk of any negative consequences.

You would undoubtedly agree that there’s always space for more luck, whether or not you’re superstitious. Instead of letting everything go wrong, why not seize the opportunity to be grateful for all that is going well in your life? Regardless of the connection to the annoying bird, it feels nice to be grateful!

Shag Europe. In contrast to mammals, birds of prey expel both nitrogenous waste and faeces via the same orifice, called the cloaca.


Are certain birds seen to be lucky than others?

Not all bird species hold the concept that being pooped on by a bird brings good fortune. But some birds are merely seen as more fortunate than others. For instance, doves are often associated with love and tranquilly, yet crow symbolism may imply more negative emotions.

Is stepping on a bird’s faeces really dangerous?

Although it seems unlikely, being pooped on by a bird is still a possibility. If bird droppings come into short contact with your skin, hair, or clothing, there is minimal chance of infection. Contact with a mucous membrane, such as the mouth, or an open wound, however, may provide a greater risk of complications. It’s also possible—though improbable—that you may lose consciousness or fall from a car due to fear or blindness.

What hair damage may bird faeces cause?

Bird droppings are not only amusing to look at, but they also won’t likely harm your hair severely. Naturally, you’ll want to use your divine talent as quickly as possible.

Can one handle bird droppings?

Touching bird droppings should be avoided since there is a little chance of infection. But sometimes, we have to get our hands dirty and clean the automobile or any impacted outdoor furniture. If you have to pick up bird droppings, wash your hands afterwards or use gloves.

Final Thoughts

Not much about real bird droppings, but rather the intriguing way we see the world around us is perhaps highlighted by the common idea that bird poop brings good luck. However, there’s nothing wrong with this playful superstition, and if you ever find yourself the target of a cheeky bird, it could just make your day.

Whether you think being pooped on by a bird is lucky or not, you’re certain to experience it at some point in your life. Rather of a seagull, the most we can hope for is a sparrow!

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