How Much Does a Duck Cost? A Detailed Guide on Prices of Ducks

How Much Does a Duck Cost
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Do you have plans to add some fresh feathers to your backyard coop or farm? If so, a duck could be the perfect fit for you. Selecting a duck breed won’t be difficult since there are several domesticated varieties available.

Numerous elements, such as the breed, temperament, capacity to produce eggs, feathers, and quality of meat, affect a duck’s price. Make sure you meet the requirements to become a duck parent before embarking on your duck journey. Ducks require a big outdoor environment, which should ideally be a large backyard or farm. You may think about creating a little pond that would be ideal for your new arrival to make their greeting even warmer.

We have put up a list of duck breeds with costs to assist you in finding the answer to the question, “How much is a duck?” With any luck, this list will assist you in selecting the ideal duck breed for your price range.

What Is the Cost of a Duck Breed?

Duck breed and characteristics have a direct impact on pricing. We’ve included a pricing comparison of several duck breeds in our list so you can select one that best suits your needs, main goal, and budget.

Aside from the initial investment of $8 to $22, you will also need to set aside money each month for ongoing costs like as housing, food, water, brooder, nesting boxes, veterinary care, and other related fees. Remember that ducks are gregarious birds, so in order to form a couple, you will need to purchase at least one more. Fortunately, ducks need little upkeep and are reasonably priced. Thus, you may grow a swarm of ducks, or just two. Check out the price of each breed of ducks and get ready:

1. Black Muscovy Duck

A Black Muscovy duck costs $21.55 dollars. Purchases of many ducks often result in discounts from nearby farms and hatcheries. Lower costs are available for orders over thirty unsexed Black Muscovy ducks at Metzer Farms, a California duck, goose, and game bird hatchery:

The cost of 30 to 124 ducks is $15,64; the cost of 125 to 299 ducks is $12,02; the cost of 300 to 749 ducks is $8.92; the cost of 750 to 1199 ducks is $8.11; the cost of 1200 to 1999 ducks is $7.22; and the cost of more than 2000 ducks is $6.87.

Apart from this hatchery, where you can also place an online order for ducks (minimum of two ducks), you may visit nearby farms or fleet shops to find out the cost of a single duck and do the arithmetic. The range of duck breeds available for purchase, free delivery on all orders, many payment options, and a 100% healthy arrival guarantee are the advantages of selecting farms such as Metzer.

2. Black Runner Ducks

The cost of purchasing Black Runner ducks from McMurray Hatchery in Iowa is:

Black Runner male ducks are priced at $7.24 for 1 to 4, $5.96 for 5 to 24, and $6.27 for more than 25; Black Runner female ducks are priced at $14.30 for 1 to 4, $13.65 for 5 to 24, and $13 for more than 25; and Black Runner unsexed ducks are priced at $10.78 for 1 to 4, $10.31 for 5 to 24, and $9.63 for more than 25.

Make sure you get a starter kit, brooder, feeders, waterers, and other duck care supplies and utensils if you are ordering baby ducks. McMurray Hatchery has everything you need to care for your ducks on order. Find all the materials you need in one location, regardless of your skill level as a farmer or whether this is your first time purchasing ducks. The large assortment of high-quality items and duck breeds available at hatcheries is another advantage of buying a duck from them.

3. Blue Runner Ducks

Another hatchery in Iowa named Hoover’s Hatchery sells unsexed Blue Runner ducks. In the event that you want to purchase a duckling from this hatchery, you must:

Order a minimum of fifteen blue runner ducks (the hatchery’s minimum shipment quantity) and pay $8.98 for one or more unsexed ducks.

During shipment, Hoover’s Hatchery gives your ducks extra care. Thus, in order to ensure the ducks’ safety and warmth throughout shipment, minimum order criteria are in place. Additionally, each breed and sex is limited to five ducks, and you cannot mix multiple breeds with any one duck type. An additional precaution to ensure the security and welfare of your order.

4. Cayuga Duck

You may check the costs at Cackle Hatchery for both male and female Cayuga ducks that are not sexed:

$9.25 for 1 to 4; $8.75 for 5 to 9; $11.70 for 5 to 9; $11.50 for 10 to 14; $10.50 for 15 to 29; and $6.40 for more than 30 unsexed Cayuga ducks; $11.95 for 1 to 4; $8.90 for 1 to 4; $7.90 for 5 to 9; $6.90 for 10 to 14; $5.90 for 15 to 29; and $4.90 for more than 30 male Cayuga ducks.

Only baby ducklings—a minimum of three per order—are sold by Cackle Hatchery in Missouri. Orders are mailed from February through June. Check the availability table before placing your purchase for Cayuga ducklings from this hatchery if these rates appeal to you.

5. Black Swedish Duck

Day-old Black Swedish Ducklings from the Meyer Hatchery in Ohio are sold for $9.63. They provide:

A duck would cost $6.80 if you were to purchase 30 ducks at a 29% discount, or $6.28 if you were to purchase 125 ducks at a 35% discount.

Ordering from the hatchery requires a minimum of three ducks each order, however you are welcome to combine different kinds of ducks to satisfy the requirements. Your Black Swedish ducklings will be dispatched on Tuesdays or Wednesdays after you place your purchase, and they should arrive one to three days later. If the ducklings you’ve selected aren’t available right now, you may subscribe to Meyer’s hatchery website using your email address to be notified when the item becomes available.

6. Blue Swedish Duck

In Cameron, Texas, there is a hatchery called Ideal Poultry where you may find Blue Swedish Ducks. Having been in the poultry industry since 1937, they provide the following rates:

Blue Swedish ducks are priced at $6.74 for one to nineteen; $6.20 for twenty to thirty; $6.08 for forty to seventy-nine; and $5.96 for more than eighty.

This family-run hatchery ships up to 5 million chicks annually, making it one of the biggest backyard poultry suppliers in the US. To place an order for a Blue Swedish duck from Ideal Poultry, you must meet the requirements listed below:

For live birds, the order value must be at least $40; Ducks may be ordered in any quantity as long as the total order value is $40 (not including the quantity premium of $20 for 1–14 ducks, $15 for 15–99 ducks, and $10 for more than 100 ducks);
Within 48 hours of the planned hatch date, you will be assessed a $20 processing fee if you decide to cancel your purchase.

7. Buff Duck:

Buff Ducklings from California Hatchery retail for $11.28 and are delivered out in two to four weeks on average. The initial cost of $1.50 is added when purchasing a male or female Buff Duck. Additionally, the hatchery offers different prices according on the purchase quantity:

$11.28 for one to twenty-four buff ducklings; $9.59 for twenty-five to forty-nine; $9.02 for fifty to ninety-nine; and $7.90 for more than one hundred buff ducklings.

Regarding the order, it’s also helpful to know that you have to order a minimum of three ducklings. Ducklings are securely sent by California hatchery to any location in the United States. One male and one female mature Buff duck will be included with the order.

8. Chocolate Runner ducks

Check out the following pricing if you’re interested in Chocolate Runner ducks and free delivery on all orders:

$12.04 for 1 to 29; $9.17 for 30 to 124; $6.25 for 125 to 299; $4.90 for 300 to 749; $3.71 for 750 to 1199; $3.03 for 1200 to 1999; and $2.90 for more than 2000 male Chocolate Runner ducks; $16.63 for 1 to 29; $12.25 for 30 to 124; $9.38 for 125 to 299; $6.30 for 300 to 749; $5.58 for 1200 to 1999; and $5.30 for more than 2000 unsexed Chocolate Runner ducks.

For additional ducks, this hatchery offers excellent discounts. If you’re like it so far, you may place an order by checking the availability of Chocolate Runner.

9. Duclair Duck

Celebrated for its flavorful meat by chefs worldwide The breed of duck known as Duclair is available for the following prices:

One or more Duclair ducks cost $17.65; one or more male ducks cost $8.72; and one or more unsexed ducks cost $13.20.

Please make sure you check all of the hatch dates for this season before making your purchase, since this breed of duck is available for future dates. Additionally, before checking out, remember to choose a ship date. If you’re looking for a different hue, you should consider hatcheries other than Murray McMurray, which just offers white Duclair ducks.

10. Fawn and White Runner Ducks

Fawn and White Runner ducks have received ratings of 4.56 out of 5 stars from customers. The only ducklings that Cackle Hatchery offers are newborn Fawn and White Runners, which are sent from February to June at the following prices:

$11.95 for 1 to 4, $11.70 for 5 to 9, $11.50 from 10 to 14, $10.50 for 15 to 29, and $8.95 for more than 30 female Fawn and White Runner ducks; $8.90 for 1 to 4, $7.90 for 5 to 9, $6.90 from 10 to 14, $5.90 for 15 to 29, and $4.90 for more than 30 male Fawn and White Runner ducks.

A maximum of thirty ducks may be ordered per order. If the ducks you want are momentarily out of stock, you can send an email via the hatchery’s website to be notified when they become available.

In summary

This article’s contents can help you come closer to the solution to the question, “How much is a duck?” The breed, sex, and amount of the ducks all affect the price. Generally, you get a discount if you purchase more than 4, 10, or 30 ducks (depending on the hatchery).

Whether they are on sale or not, ducks are adorable, reasonably-priced animals that will brighten your life and farm. Use our price comparison tool and research to locate the ducks of your choice at a reasonable price. In this manner, you’ll have adorable ducklings and enough money saved for maintenance.

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