How Much Do Roosters Cost? A Detailed Guide on Price of Roosters

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Your chickens need a rooster to complete their flock, as you undoubtedly already know if you’re creating a coop for them. Because there are so many factors to consider, such as how aggressive they are, if they have enough hens for them to hang around and mate with, and how many roosters there are in the coop you’re attempting to prepare, buying a rooster may be more difficult than buying a hen. Many farmers who are purchasing roosters for the first time may get quite perplexed by all of this.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that choosing the correct rooster for your flock is simpler even if it could be more challenging. When purchasing a hen instead of a rooster, there are many additional factors to take into account, such as how many eggs the hen will lay, the quality of her eggs, how much she will develop, and much more.

A hen’s ability to produce eggs alone will drive up the cost, in addition to the fact that your coop will need many more hens than roosters. That does not imply, however, that the rooster is a less valuable contribution to the flock. They play a crucial role in the preservation of the coop, the show, and—above all—in the fertilization of the hens’ eggs, which enables you to breed chickens and produce lovely little chicks.

In brief: While a rooster is less expensive than a hen, it’s crucial to remember that some uncommon varieties of roosters may have higher prices. A rare breed of rooster may sometimes be purchased for less than twelve dollars, but in other rare cases, the price might exceed a thousand dollars.

For the purpose of cockfighting, which is illegal in many nations and is being worked to become so globally, some individuals buy roosters. Whatever your motive, you must be asking how much is a good price to pay for a rooster. We’ll go into great depth about buying a rooster in this post. Find out how much a rooster will cost for your coop by reading on.

The male equivalent of a hen, a domestic chicken raised on farms, is a rooster. While some roosters may be seen roaming freely in jungles and other locations, it’s crucial to remember that most roosters are domestic animals that only become wild when they manage to leave their flock.

A rooster is an adult, fully developed chicken; smaller roosters that are not sexually matured are referred to as cockerels. Next to hens, they are smaller and less favored by the flocks than roosters. When a cockerel reaches sexual maturity, or one year of age, they will become a rooster.

It’s also important to note that roosters are bigger than hens. They often have a beard that is much bigger than a hen’s, and they have noticeable, much larger wattles and combs. Even while it’s simple to distinguish a hen from a rooster once they reach adulthood, it may be more challenging with some breeds.

But first, what is the purpose of having roosters? For those who are unaware, chickens can lay eggs just fine without the presence of a rooster. However, as a rooster’s primary function is to fertilize eggs and guarantee that young chicks are deposited in them, you won’t need one if your only intention is to purchase one in order to sell eggs or utilize them for personal use.

Furthermore, having a rooster in your flock will make the hens happier. But, more significantly, the rooster will be responsible for keeping the flock safe from foxes, moles, and other potential predators in the area around your farm.

Even the younger chicks and other birds that coexist with the hens may be safely kept safe by roosters. When a rooster becomes crowded, it might alert the hens to potential predators in the area, increasing their chances of escape.

What Is the Price of a Rooster?

Let’s now address the crucial query: what is the initial cost of the rooster? Sometimes, young roosters may be purchased for as low as $10. However, the price per rooster might range from $1,000 to $1,500, depending on a number of criteria that will be discussed below.

More significantly, albeit these are quite uncommon varieties, there are certain really rare rooster breeds that may cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500. Numerous variables influence the price of uncommon adult breeds, which may range from $150 to $500. Occasionally, purchasing a pricey and rare rooster doesn’t make financial sense when additional costs like as upkeep are taken into account.

What Is the Price of a Cockerel?

Cockerels are young roosters that are sexually mature and older than a few weeks to a year. They often feel abandoned and left behind since they are also seen as teens in the flock.

However, they will start to croak at 12 weeks old and continue until 16 weeks old. In comparison to adult roosters, they are smaller, lack noticeable feather colors, and as they mature, their crowing sound often changes.

Although they may cost anywhere from $15 to $50, cockerels aren’t something that people are usually seeking to purchase. They are often purchased for food purposes rather than being alive.

What Is the Price of Dong Tao Chicken?

One of the rarest breeds of roosters to come out of Vietnam is the Dong Tao rooster. Since they may reach up to 13–15 pounds, which is ideal if you’re farming them for meat, many farmers put their sights on them. They are renowned for having long legs, which let them move quickly.

They may cost anywhere from more than $1,200 to $2,500 in some circumstances, but it’s vital to remember that they’re often offered in pairs.

Editor’s Notes: Dong Tao hens aren’t the most withdrawn and don’t make excellent moms to hatched chicks, which is why it’s so uncommon.


Onagadori is a Japanese word that translates to “the honorable fowl.” There were just 250 of them at one time, according to the records of the extant specimens, which were stored in the archives in 1952 due to their extraordinary rarity. In Japan, they are regarded as National Treasures.

Even while it’s less uncommon today, efforts are still being made to increase its abundance—not only in Japan but around the globe. They are renowned for both their long, fluttering tails and remarkable beauty.

The price might range from $1,400 to about $3,000, according on the level of purebredness.

Modern Game

Some of the most exquisite and magnificent rooster breeds are said to be modern game. As they go about the yard, they seem to be displaying their attractiveness and are conceited. Their posture is tall and straight, and their legs are very lengthy.

It may be rather territorial, although it is not really utilized for breeding. Their finest use, however, is as decorative birds for the yard. Modern Game may be purchased for $20 to $50. But the cost is subject to change according on the age of the Roosters.

Although they become more urbanized in England, their population is now less than it was.

Editor’s notes: Their feathers and structure are not suited for colder areas like England’s, which is why their number is dwindling. Their ideal growing environment is a warm temperature.

What Is the Price of a Rooster for Cockfighting?

The breed and degree of training a fighting rooster has received will determine its price. The initial price is around $50, but based on the previously listed parameters, it may go up to $100 or more.

The most popular cockfighting roosters are the Pure Butcher, Dark Red Hatch, Claret, Silver Gray, and Pure Lemon varieties. On the other hand, their cost is much greater, ranging from $200 to $600 for a trio or pair.

Factors Influencing a Rooster’s Cost

As you can see, the price will vary according on the breed of rooster. A few elements influencing the rooster’s cost are listed below. To make sure you are well-informed on the market and industry, be sure to read them all.

Purchasing Place

One of the most crucial components is the source. Purchasing a rooster from a professional breeder online is quite different than buying one from a farmer or local breeder. Not only are purchases made online and from accredited breeders more expensive, but shipping and regulatory fees also apply.

Editor’s Note: Depending on where the rooster is being transported, there will often be an extra $10–$20 for shipping.


The price will decrease with increasing rooster age. It is anticipated that each roosterswill survive for around 6 to 8 years. Nevertheless, the price of a young adult roosters from a popular breed may range from $100 to $500, and in certain cases, more, if the breed is uncommon.

On the other hand, you should budget between $10 and $20 if you’re purchasing a roosters.

Editor’s Notes: Older roosters may be obtained for $10 to $50, but many farmers are not interested in purchasing them. Elderly roosters are more prone to illness and would rather be left alone if they believe another rooster has outwitted them or that they are incapable of providing for the hens in terms of keeping them safe from harm.


Whether they are being used for cockfighting or breeding, purebred roosters are always preferred. Because they will be more genuine and exhibit a wider range of colors than crossbreds, purebreds will command a higher price on the market.

Editor’s Notes: You should budget less than $100 if you’re wanting to get a hybrid rooster or one that is so crossbred that it isn’t even registered.

Additional Costs Related to Roosters

Purchasing and having your rooster mailed to you is only the start. Although taking care of your rooster won’t be too costly, it’s still crucial to understand how the additional costs stack up against those of hens.

A single rooster will consume around two pounds of feed every week, so keep that in mind if you have many hens. Additionally, you may include the vitamins roosters need into their usual diet. That should come out to a total of $10 to $20, depending on the supplements you take.

The coop is an additional cost. The size of your coop will depend on the size of your flock, so you should also take that into account. As the flock grows, the coop’s beginning price may increase from $500. A flock that is typically $1,000 to $1,500 may accommodate a medium-sized flock.

But, if you have a large flock, you will want to construct the largest, most elaborate coop possible, which will come with a price tag of over $2,000 if all the fancy amenities are included. A nice coop will feature waterer, feeders, boxes, bedding, and other accessories.

Editor’s Note: You should also budget for additional costs, such as repairs for the wooden coop and water. When your rooster ages, you need also think about the cost of medical care in the event that it becomes unwell.

What Store Sells Roosters?

The greatest places to purchase roosters are locally, from other farms, and in animal markets, as was previously stated in the article. In addition, the roosters will cost less and need less paperwork.

Purchasing from a recognized breeder entails additional paperwork and administrative needs. It will cost more, and you will probably have to pay for shipping if the vendor is from out of state. However, you will be able to determine if your rooster is purebred and how unusual it is.

Some websites where you may purchase a rooster include and

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