Hollister Vs American Eagle Jeans: Comparison

Finding the ideal pair of jeans may be a trying process for a lot of consumers. Choosing the right size may be difficult since various brands and designs have varying sizing ranges. The somewhat varied sizing charts for two well-known denim labels, American Eagle and Hollister, might make choosing your size even more difficult.

For those with limited time, the following is a brief response to your inquiry: Compared to Hollister jeans, American Eagle jeans often run a bit bigger. Therefore, you may want to size down to a 2 or 0 in American Eagle jeans if you typically wear a size 4 in Hollister.

We’ll contrast the women’s Hollister and American Eagle jean size charts in this thorough overview. Get advice on converting sizes, discover the main variations in sizing, and discover how various jeans designs from each brand fit.

You’ll be able to browse both brands with confidence knowing precisely what size to purchase thanks to the information supplied.

An overview of women’s jeans sizing for Hollister and American Eagle

American Eagle and Hollister are two well-known labels that often spring to mind when looking for the ideal pair of jeans. Although both companies provide a large selection of jeans for women, it might be difficult to figure out which size to choose.

To assist you in finding the perfect fit, let’s examine the size of women’s jeans from Hollister and American Eagle in more detail.

Normal range of sizes for every brand

Both American Eagle and Hollister provide jeans in a range of sizes to accommodate various body shapes. In general, Hollister jeans are smaller in size and have a thinner fit than American Eagle jeans.

American Eagle jeans normally go from sizes 00 to 24, whereas Hollister jeans normally run from sizes 00 to 15. It’s crucial to remember that these measurements might differ significantly based on the particular denim design.

Philosophy differences in sizing

The philosophies of Hollister and American Eagle are a major factor in the size discrepancies between their jeans. Hollister’s sizing policy is more uniform; for example, a size 2 in one style will have the same dimensions as a size 2 in another.

Conversely, American Eagle has a more accommodating size policy, providing a variety of fits, including high-waisted, curvy, and jeggings, to accommodate a range of body types and tastes.

Variables like fit, stretch, and rise

Even while the size chart is a useful place to start, there are other things to take into account that may have an impact on how well pants fit. Super stretch, high stretch, and stiff jeans are among the several degrees of stretch offered by American Eagle and Hollister.

The way the jeans fit and feel on your body might be affected by these variances in stretch. Furthermore, the fit and comfort of jeans may be influenced by their rise, which can be low, mid, or high.

Regarding the general fit, both manufacturers provide a variety of styles, including boyfriend, bootcut, straight, and slim. It’s good to try on several looks to see which best suits your body type.

To discover the ideal fit for you, try on a variety of sizes and styles, keeping in mind that the fit might change based on your body type.

It’s beneficial to read consumer reviews and look for precise sizing and measurement suggestions on the brand’s website before making a purchase. To help shoppers select the correct size, Hollister and American Eagle both provide comprehensive information on their websites.

Straightforward Chart Comparing

Measurements of the waist and hips for every size

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the waist and hip sizes of both American Eagle and Hollister jeans are somewhat different when comparing their size charts. The standard ranges for the waist and hips on Hollister’s size chart are 24 to 35 inches and 34 to 45 inches, respectively.

Conversely, the waist measurement on the American Eagle size chart typically ranges from 25 to 36 inches, while the hip measurement ranges from 35 to 46 inches. To guarantee the finest fit, it’s essential to take precise measurements of your hips and waist.

Comparison of visual size charts

Both Hollister and American Eagle often provide sizing charts on their websites if you would like a more visual depiction of the changes in sizes between the two brands. These sizing guides often show how their jeans fit on various body shapes using pictures or diagrams.

These illustrations will help you better visualize how each brand’s jeans may seem on you.

To get their different sizing charts, it is recommended to visit the official websites of American Eagle and Hollister for a more thorough comparison. This will enable you to choose the appropriate size for your body type with knowledge.

Important distinctions to be aware of

There are several significant distinctions between American Eagle and Hollister, even if they both provide a large selection of sizes. American Eagle provides a range of fits, including thin, slim, and straight, while Hollister tends to be more tailored and slim fit.

Furthermore, several buyers have mentioned that the Hollister brand of jeans runs a little bit smaller than the American Eagle brand.

It’s also important to note that different body types and tastes might affect how well jeans fit. Something that fits one person well could not suit another. For this reason, it’s usually advised to try on jeans before buying them, particularly if you’re not sure of the size.

Recall that selecting the ideal pair of jeans is an individual adventure, and being aware of the size charts offered by various companies may be a useful place to start. Regardless of whether you like the cut of American Eagle or Hollister jeans, both companies provide a variety of sizes to match different body shapes.

To get the ideal fit for you, don’t be scared to try on several designs and refer to the size charts!

Size Conversion Table

Converting American Eagle sizes from Hollister

Finding the correct size while buying jeans may sometimes be difficult. If you like both American Eagle and Hollister, you may be curious about how their sizes differ. Thankfully, there are methods for converting American Eagle sizes to Hollister sizes so you can make the best decision.

The size technique used by Hollister is distinct from those of other brands, such as American Eagle. You may use a generic size conversion table to convert Hollister sizes to American Eagle. It’s crucial to remember that these charts are approximations and could not be entirely correct.

Going up a size is one approach to convert Hollister sizes to American Eagle. For instance, you may want to try an American Eagle size 4 if you usually wear a size 2 in Hollister jeans. Since sizing might change across designs and cuts, it’s always a good idea to try on several sizes and discover which one fits you the best.

Converting Hollister to American Eagle sizes

To try on Hollister jeans if you’re more comfortable with American Eagle sizing, you’ll need to know how to convert American Eagle sizes to Hollister measurements. Once again, referring to a general size conversion table might be useful, but bear in mind that its accuracy may be compromised.

You may have to order one size down from American Eagle to Hollister. For instance, you may want to try a size 4 in Hollister jeans if you usually wear an American Eagle size 6 pair. Since sizing varies across brands and designs, it’s usually a good idea to try on several sizes and see which one fits you the best.

Checking the official Hollister and American Eagle websites is always a good option if you have questions regarding size or would like more precise information. Size charts are often provided to assist you in finding the ideal fit for your body type.

Recall that getting the correct size is crucial for confidence and comfort. Try on a variety of sizes and designs without fear until you locate the ideal jeans that fit you perfectly and make you feel amazing!

Fit Comparison of Certain Jeans Styles: American Eagle Jegging vs. Hollister Epic Skinny

For those searching for the ideal pair of thin jeans, Hollister and American Eagle are well-liked brands. Denim enthusiasts are particularly drawn to two styles: the American Eagle Jegging and the Hollister Epic Skinny.

The leg opening of the Hollister Epic Skinny is tapered, and the pants fit slim through the thighs and hips. This look is intended to give you a sleek and fashionable appearance by hugging your contours in all the right areas.

Conversely, the American Eagle Jegging is renowned for its very flexible material and cozy fit. Its mid-rise waist and figure-flattering effect make it a flattering fit.

You may choose from a variety of sizes and washes for both types to discover the ideal pair to go with your own aesthetic. Whichever pair of jeans you choose—the American Eagle Jegging or the Hollister Epic Skinny—you can be sure that you’ll look fantastic.

American Eagle Curvy vs. Hollister Curvy

It might be difficult to locate jeans that fit properly for those with curvaceous forms. Fortunately, American Eagle and Hollister have solutions tailored especially for curvaceous ladies.

The purpose of the Hollister Curvy jeans is to provide you additional space in the thighs and a tight fit around the waist and hips. This preserves flair while enabling a cozy and attractive fit.

With a higher rise and a contoured waistband, American Eagle’s Curvy jeans provide curvaceous women a snug and comfortable fit. Your curves will be accentuated and your attire will exude confidence thanks to these jeans.

You may discover the ideal pair that complements your body type and sense of style in the Curvy collections from American Eagle and Hollister, which both offer a range of washes and styles.

American Eagle Classic Straight vs. Hollister Classic Straight Leg

Straight leg jeans are a fantastic choice if you want a more carefree and classic style. Straight leg designs that are timeless, adaptable, and simple to style are offered by American Eagle and Hollister.

The hips and thighs of the Hollister Classic Straight Leg jeans fit straight through, with a mid-rise waist. These jeans are made to make you seem stylish and professional while being comfortable and attractive.

The Classic Straight jeans from American Eagle are renowned for their timeless style and classic fit. These jeans feature a straight leg that runs from the waist to the ankle, giving them a sleek, useful, and attractive appearance.

You may discover the ideal pair to complement your own style thanks to the variety of sizes and washes available in both types. You can’t go wrong with this classic denim style, whether you pick for the American Eagle Classic Straight or the Hollister Classic Straight Leg.

Advice on Determining Your Ideal Size

Accurate self-measurement

Measuring oneself correctly is one of the most crucial steps in determining your ideal size in Hollister or American Eagle pants. Measure your inseam, hips, and waist using a measuring tape. Make sure you take a measurement at each area’s broadest point and record the results for future use.

This will assist you in choosing the appropriate size based on the brand’s sizing chart.

Consider the fabric’s composition.

Taking the denim’s fabric composition into account is another important step in determining your ideal fit. The fit may be impacted by the varying stretch capabilities of various textiles. For instance, pants with a greater elastane or spandex content have a tendency to stretch more and fit differently than jeans with a lower content.

Before choosing, be sure to check the fabric content and take into account how it could effect the fit.

Get many sizes to check out.

Ordering several sizes to try on is a smart idea when purchasing jeans online. You may compare as a result to choose which size best suits you. Remember that various designs and cuts have variable sizes, so it’s worth trying a few to determine which one fits the best.

In the event that you need to exchange or return any jeans, don’t forget to review the retailer’s return policies.

Examine internet reviews regarding fit

Reading fit reviews online may be a useful tool in determining your ideal size. There are a lot of websites and forums with customer reviews where users discuss fit and size issues. To get a better sense of how the jeans would fit on you, pay attention to the reviews left by customers with similar body types to yours.

Make a note of any recurring remarks or suggestions that might help you choose the appropriate size.

Recall that it could take some trial and error to determine the ideal size in Hollister or American Eagle jeans. If your first pair doesn’t fit properly, don’t give up; instead, remember these suggestions and be willing to try on alternative sizes and styles.

It’s worth it to find pants that fit properly and boost your self-esteem!

Final Thoughts

You should now be equipped with the information to purchase both Hollister and American Eagle jeans with confidence thanks to the comprehensive size chart comparison and helpful advice. Remember the main variations in size between the two companies, take a precise measurement of yourself, and don’t be scared to get a few sizes in order to have the perfect fit.

A portion of the pain associated with shopping for jeans may be eliminated by realizing how drastically different clothing manufacturers’ fits and sizes can be. To ensure that you purchase the correct size the first time when purchasing jeans online from Hollister or American Eagle, use the materials in this article as a reference.

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