Do Birds Eat Spiders? [All You Need to Know]

Do Birds Eat Spiders

Nature’s intricate web of interactions often leaves us marveling at the diverse relationships between different species. When it comes to the avian world, birds exhibit an impressive array of dietary preferences. One question that piques our curiosity is, “Do birds eat spiders?” Join us on a captivating exploration as we unravel the fascinating relationship between birds and spiders, shedding light on the dining habits of our feathered friends. Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable adaptations and strategies employed by birds in their quest for sustenance. Let’s dive into the intriguing world of birds and spiders, where predator meets prey in a delicate dance of survival.

Do Birds eat spiders?

Yes, some birds do, while others do not, eat spiders.

The lengthy response? It depends on the kind of bird, the kind of spider that is there, and if the spider is a threat to the bird.

Insectivorous birds are well-known for hunting and eating spiders. Actually, when nesting, spiders manufacture around 75% of the food they feed their young bird offspring.

What birds eat spiders?

In general, most birds that eat insects will also eat spiders as part of their diet. Range and habitat are important factors in this since ecosystems with more spiders will result in more frequent consumption.

Common bird species that consume spiders include


Do Birds Eat Spiders

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Sparrows prey on spiders whenever they see a chance for a quick meal. They can swiftly capture a spider since they are swift and nimble. They eat mostly spiders and other insects that they find on the ground. The presence of a sparrow in your garden might help keep spiders away since these birds are sociable and like interacting with people.


Do Birds Eat Spiders

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The brilliant sky-blue feathers of bluebirds make them distinctive birds. Since they like catching their food on the ground, they often consume spiders that are located in the grass. The attacking spider is unprepared for the onslaught since these birds attack from above. Bluebirds love to hunt little or even baby spiders since they are small birds. A bluebird may observe its victim for a few minutes before attacking.


Do Birds Eat Spiders

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Blackbirds are among the birds whose main food source is spiders, and they may be found all around the globe. Because of their superb vision and mobility, they can swiftly find spiders on the ground and trap them there. Blackbirds love to eat juvenile spiders because they are simple prey, and they also use them to feed their young.


Crows are among the planet’s most versatile birds since they will consume practically everything. They often see spiders being eaten because they are readily available. Crows don’t have particular dietary preferences, therefore they won’t search for spiders on purpose, particularly if there is another food source nearby. However, a crow would surely eat a spider if its food supply runs out and it spots one.


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If Jackdaws are hungry, they will also chase spiders since they are excellent at collecting insects. If given the chance, these birds will hunt both big and little spiders. Jackdaws will also consume mice, snails, and frogs because of their peculiar feeding habits.

Blue tits

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Native to Europe, blue tits are prized for their gorgeous hues. They are sometimes referred to as spider-eating birds. They won’t go spider hunting, but if they see a chance to consume a spider, they won’t think twice. In order to provide their young birds the nutrition they need to thrive and grow, bluetits also feed them spiders.

Barn swallows

Do Birds Eat Spiders

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A widespread bird species found all throughout the globe is the barn swallow. These birds like barns and other enclosed areas for protection. Any food they can locate will be collected, even spiders often.


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Consider luring robins to your garden if you have a spider problem near your home. Spiders are part of the diet of robins, who are renowned for eating bugs and insects. More than half of the insects in robins’ diet, including spiders and other insects, are sources of protein and other essential elements.


The majority of owls hunt spiders as part of their usual diet. Nevertheless, in contrast to certain other insects and animals, this is not their preferred food source. If they can, owls prefer to eat frogs and mice in their natural habitat.


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Wild swallows eat whatever they can find in the area, usually including spiders. They also consume ants, worms, and flying insects.


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Small, brown wrens are mostly insect-eating birds. They like eating spiders and believe them to be a great delicacy. If you have a problem with too many spiders, you may also entice wrens to your garden.


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Tanagers are colorful birds that are often found in North America. They also consume spiders. Picking spider webs from trees and suckling them alive is their strategy. Over ten spiders may be consumed daily by these birds.


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Spiderhunters are so named because they are so good at catching spiders. These birds aren’t found in the US, but they’re an excellent illustration of a bird that eats spiders. They will wait patiently for their meal before completely swallowing the spider when it approaches.


What kind of spiders do birds eat?

Both live and dead spiders may be caught and eaten by birds.

They typically don’t pick and choose which spiders they consume; instead, they choose according to whatever kinds of spiders are present in their area and which are tiny enough to be caught.

  • American House Spider
  • Giant House Spider
  • Sector Spider
  • Daddy Long Legs Spider
  • Long-Bodied Cellar Spider
  • Brown Recluse
  • Jumping Spiders.

How do birds capture spiders?

Birds use a variety of methods to capture spiders, and each bird species has its own preferred method. Spiders are most often captured by pursuing them on the ground and through trees, picking them up from above, and removing them from their webs and nests.

With their beaks, birds grab spiders, and some birds kill them before eating them or crushing them within. To try to destroy or stun the spider, some birds may fling it into the air. When bringing a spider to their nest to feed their young, birds will also kill the spider to prevent it from escaping.

Other birds like to eat live spiders immediately where they were discovered.

How do you get birds that eat spiders to come to your backyard?

There are a few various strategies you may use to get spider-eating birds to visit your home. You might make bird feeders and give the birds food for a few days. In this manner, they will continue to visit your backyard; but, when there is no longer any food available, they will begin to eat insects close to your home.

Making a suitable setting for birds to enjoy is another excellent technique to get spider-eating birds to your garden. Think about growing bird-attracting plants, trees, and shrubs.

You may even build a colorful birdhouse or a birdbath in your yard. Insect-eating birds might become frequent guests if you lure them with food, drink, and shelter.

Do birds eat venomous spiders?

There are no spiders that are venomous. They are poisonous, which is quite different.

Birds often know which spiders to eat, although they sometimes eat deadly spiders that are harmless to them. This is due to the fact that consuming venom will not damage you; rather, it must be injected into your circulation.

They won’t be hurt as long as the spider doesn’t bite the bird when it falls. But often, either the birds kill the spiders before eating them, or the acids will kill the spider.

Do spiders have any nutritional value for birds?

Young birds’ personalities and memories are impacted by the nutrient taurine found in spiders. Young chickens that consume more spiders have a tendency to develop into braver, smarter adults.

In general, there are a lot of urban legends about how tasty spiders may be for birds.

Although there is conjecture as to the origin of these beliefs, it is most likely due to the fact that certain birds will consume any and all insects, even spiders.

Final Thoughts

As we reach the end of our journey into the world of birds and spiders, we have gained a deeper understanding of their intricate relationship. The question, “Do birds eat spiders?” has led us to uncover a fascinating dynamic between predator and prey. Birds, with their remarkable adaptations and keen hunting skills, have indeed been observed consuming spiders as part of their diet. From aerial acrobats swooping down on unsuspecting arachnids to ground-dwelling foragers picking spiders off their intricate webs, birds have evolved diverse strategies to secure their next meal. While spiders may seem like challenging prey with their clever defenses, birds have honed their skills to navigate this intricate web of survival. So, the next time you spot a bird darting through the sky or scouring the ground, take a moment to appreciate their role in maintaining the balance of nature. The world of birds and spiders continues to fascinate and inspire, reminding us of the astonishing diversity and interconnectedness of life on our planet.


Why do birds eat spiders?

Birds eat spiders as they provide a nutritious food source. Spiders are rich in protein and can be readily available, especially in habitats where they are abundant. Additionally, spiders are often easy to catch due to their web-building behavior, making them an attractive prey item for birds.

How do birds catch spiders?

Birds employ different techniques to catch spiders. Some bird species, like flycatchers, are known for their aerial hunting skills, catching spiders in mid-air. Others, such as ground-dwelling birds like thrushes, forage on the ground and pick spiders off their webs or from foliage.

Are all bird species inclined to eat spiders?

While many bird species consume spiders, not all birds include them in their diet. Dietary preferences can vary based on factors such as habitat, food availability, and the bird’s specific adaptations. Some bird species may have a more specialized diet or rely on other food sources.

Are spiders a significant part of a bird’s diet?

The significance of spiders in a bird’s diet can vary among species. For some birds, spiders may form a substantial portion of their diet, especially if they inhabit areas with abundant spider populations. However, for other bird species, spiders may be consumed less frequently and serve as supplementary food items.

Do birds have any adaptations for catching spiders?

Birds have various adaptations that aid in catching spiders. These adaptations can include sharp beaks for precision grabbing, agile flight abilities for aerial hunting, and specialized feet or claws for navigating spider webs or capturing spiders on the ground.

 Are spiders the sole source of protein for birds?

Spiders are not the sole source of protein for birds. Birds have diverse diets and obtain protein from various sources such as insects, worms, seeds, fruits, and even other small vertebrates. Spiders are just one of many food options that birds utilize to meet their nutritional needs.

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