How To Remove Bird Droppings From Your Car? Easy Guide

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It might be an unpleasant surprise to see bird droppings all over your automobile. The chemicals in bird feces may erode the paint and clear finish on your automobile if it is not cleaned right immediately. Protecting the glossy exterior of your automobile requires knowing how to carefully remove bird droppings from it.

For those with limited time, the following is a brief response to your inquiry: To soften, mist droppings with water. Piss off using a plastic scraper. Using microfiber towels and vehicle wash soap, clean the area. Rinse, then thoroughly dry. Put wax on the paint to keep it safe.

This thorough tutorial will walk you through all the procedures, equipment, and methods required to completely remove bird poop from your automobile and avoid long-term harm.

Materials Required

Having the proper tools is essential for successfully cleaning bird droppings off the outside of your automobile. The following are some necessities for you to have:


An essential tool for every auto washing activity is a bucket. It’s crucial to use a clean bucket to avoid harming the paint of your automobile with dirt or debris. Pour water into the bucket to make a solution that is soapy.

Water hose

It is essential to have a water hose nearby in order to rinse up bird droppings. The droppings on the surface of your automobile may be loosened and removed with the aid of a powerful jet of water.

Car Wash Soap

It is important to use a premium vehicle wash soap in order to remove bird droppings efficiently. If you want a soap that is both harsh on filth and grime and gentle on your car’s paint, look for one made especially for automotive usage.

Clothes made of microfiber

Bird droppings may be easily removed using microfiber towels without harming the paint on your automobile. These gentle, absorbing cloths are perfect for washing the outside of your automobile because of their ability to collect dirt and debris.

Supple plastic scraper

Sometimes bird droppings become attached to the surface of your automobile and need a bit extra work to get off. You may remove the droppings carefully without damaging the paint of your automobile by using a soft plastic scraper.

Detailing Mist Bottle

For on-the-go removal of new bird droppings, a detailing spray bottle loaded with a fast detailer or waterless wash solution might be a useful tool. Just mist the afflicted area, then use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe it away.

Always remember to read the manufacturer’s directions before using any cleaning solutions on the outside of your automobile. When handling any chemicals, always sure to use safety gloves and goggles.

You may check Popular Mechanics or automobile Bibles for further information on how to remove bird droppings off the outside of your automobile.

Step 1: Mist Droppings with Water

Wet the impacted area with water as the first step in properly cleaning bird droppings off the outside of your automobile. This will facilitate the removal of the dried droppings by softening and loosening them.

Step 2: Make Poop Softer and Scrape It Away

You may use a gentle cloth or sponge to gently soften the bird excrement after giving it a water spritz. Take care not to scratch the paint by rubbing too vigorously. Once softened, use a plastic scraper or your fingertip to gently scrape away the droppings.

Throw away the droppings in a garbage container or plastic bag.

Step 3: Use car soap to clean the area

It’s therefore critical to give the area where the bird droppings were found a thorough cleaning. To carefully clean the afflicted area, use a sponge or towel and mild vehicle soap. This will assist in getting rid of any last bits of residue and guarantee that the outside of your automobile is clean and clear of any possible dropping-related harm.

Step 4: Give Every Residue a Rinse

Make careful to wipe away any soap residue after cleaning the area. Make sure you completely rinse the area with clean water after using soap, since it might leave streaks or marks on your car’s exterior.

Step 5: Allow to Air Dry Fully

After cleaning and rinsing the area, dry the outside with a chamois or microfiber towel. This will guarantee a streak-free finish and aid in the prevention of water stains.

Step 6: Apply Wax to Further Protect Paint

Consider adding a layer of wax to the area where the bird droppings were found for further protection. The external paint of your automobile may be protected from weather elements and bird dropping damage by waxing it. For optimal results, adhere to the wax product’s directions.

Recall that bird droppings should be removed off your automobile as soon as possible since, if neglected, they may harm the paint. Furthermore, bird droppings have the potential to be acidic and may etch into the paint, resulting in long-term harm.

You may successfully remove bird droppings from the outside of your automobile and preserve its value and look by following these procedures.

Advice on Preventing Damage

Keep Droppings From Drying Up

One of the most crucial pieces of advice for preventing bird dropping damage to the outside of your automobile is to clear them off as soon as you can. Uric acid, which is included in bird droppings, is very caustic to your car’s paint and clear coat.

The acid may eat away at the protective layers if it is kept on the surface for an extended period of time, leaving behind ugly stains and perhaps inflicting irreversible damage. Therefore, don’t put off clearing up those bird droppings! 😊

Avert Using Brutal Chemicals or Brushes

Despite the temptation to remove bird droppings with a stiff brush or a strong chemical cleaner, doing so may do more damage than good. The wax that protects the surface of your automobile might be removed by harsh chemicals, leaving it open to more harm.

In a similar vein, paint may get scratches and swirl marks by using a hard brush. To get rid of the droppings without doing any further damage, use a mild cleaning solution and a delicate microfiber cloth. 👍 Your vehicle will appreciate it!

Clean Any Soapy Debris

It’s crucial to completely rinse off any soapy residue left on your automobile after removing bird droppings. Any soap residue left on the surface will quickly gather dirt and grime and make your automobile seem unclean once again.

Furthermore, if some automobile soaps are not thoroughly washed away, they may pose a risk to the environment. Thus, take your time and thoroughly rinse your automobile to make sure all of the soap is gone. You’ll be contributing to environmental protection while having a spotlessly clean automobile. 🌍

Apply Extra Care to the Clear Coat

Bird droppings should be cleaned with additional care if your automobile has a clear coat, which is a protective coating put over the paint. Compared to paint, clear coatings are more sensitive, and overscrubbing or the use of abrasive tools may harm them.

Alternatively, use a specialist bird dropping remover that is suitable for clear coatings or gently wipe the droppings with a moist towel. By taking this additional care, you can maintain the integrity of the clear coat on your automobile. 👏

Put in Some Shade Work

Try to clean bird droppings off your automobile in a shady place. The cleaning solution may dry too rapidly in direct sunlight, leaving residue and streaks behind. You’ll have more time to thoroughly clean and rinse the impacted area if you work in the shade, guaranteeing a flawless finish.

Additionally, you won’t overheat and perspire while attempting to remove those bothersome droppings. A win-win scenario exists! 😂

You may successfully and damage-free clean bird droppings off the outside of your automobile by employing these techniques. For optimal results, act fast, clean gently, rinse off any soapy residue, take additional caution while applying clear coatings, and work in the shade.

You won’t have any needless hassles, and your automobile will continue to look fantastic. Cheers to your housekeeping!

How to Prevent Birds from Landing in Your Parked Car

Having to deal with bird droppings on your automobile may be annoying and could lead to paint damage. Here are some practical ways you may attempt to stop birds from leaving their unwelcome markings on your car:

Put on a Car Cover

Using a vehicle cover is one of the easiest methods to prevent birds from landing on your parked car. A physical barrier like a car cover keeps birds from perching on your automobile. In addition, it provides defense against UV radiation and other possible harm sources like tree sap.

Make sure the cover you choose fits your vehicle correctly and is simple to put on and take off.

Try using netting or bird spikes.

Commonly used methods to deter birds from visiting certain locations, such as your automobile, include bird spikes and netting. These gadgets discourage birds from even trying to perch on your car by making it harder for them to do so.

Stainless steel and other sturdy materials are often used to make bird spikes, which are simple to affix to ledges and other surfaces. On the other side, you may put bird netting around the parking area or cover your vehicle with it. It looks like mesh.

Put the plastic owls close by.

You may assist repel birds by placing fake owls near your parked vehicle. Because owls are seen by birds as predators, an owl figurine that is realistic may frighten them away. To keep birds from becoming acclimated to the owls’ presence, it’s crucial to relocate them on a regular basis.

To further enhance the owls’ realism, think about including motion sensors or reflecting materials.

Employ odor-repelling materials

Certain smells have the ability to keep birds away from your automobile. For example, repellents with a citrus component may work well to keep birds away. You may make your own repellent by combining water and lemon juice and misting the outside of your automobile.

As an alternative, you may buy professionally made bird repellent. Reapply the repellent often, particularly after cleaning your automobile or after it has rained.

Park well away from power lines and trees.

Cars that are parked far from power wires and trees will have fewer birds perching on them. Trees and power wires provide as handy locations for birds to perch and from which to commence their flying adventures.

You may lessen the likelihood that bird droppings will target your vehicle by selecting a parking space distant from these attractions.

You may successfully deter birds from landing on your parked vehicle and save yourself the trouble of cleaning up bird droppings. Pick the strategy or methods that are most effective for your particular scenario, and then enjoy your vehicle free of birds and clean!

Final Thoughts

Even though removing bird droppings from your automobile may seem like a tedious task, doing it correctly protects your paint from long-term harm.

You can maintain the desired sheen and immaculate outside of your automobile by utilizing appropriate bird deterrents and mild washing techniques.

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