English budgie vs American budgie | Which one is Better?

english budgie vs australian budgie
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The difference between English budgies and American budgie is often misunderstood. Both of them do have a lot in common. However, there are a few fundamental distinctions between the two kinds of parrots, and it’s important to understand them before picking one up as your pet.
This post will make a comparison between English budgie vs American budgie which will help you in selecting one of these birds to keep as pet.

Biographical & History

Budgies are the sole species in the genus Melopsittacus (Melopsittacus undalutus). You’re probably more familiar with them as parakeets.
Budgerigar is the proper name for them. This name comes from the Australian Aboriginal (where they were born), and it means “excellent meal.”
The migration of budgies from arid places brought Aborigines to water, animals, and food plants. that’s why they are called good food.
The presence of English budgies, on the other hand, may be dated back to 1840. The natural, wild Australian birds were brought to the United Kingdom and carefully bred through time.
As a consequence, an English budgie that is bigger, more laid-back, and more colorful has emerged.
They were created with the intention of being used in pet shows. Along with dogs and cats, they are now the most popular pets on the planet.

Overview of the English Budgie

english budgie

The English Budgie is also known as the Show Budgie or Exhibition Budgie, and its name reflects the fact that this breed has undergone generations of selective breeding in order to produce show-quality specimens. The English Budgie is bigger and has more distinct markings than the American Budgie. It is also calmer, simpler to handle, and can be taught some basic instructions more easily. However, the English Budgie has a somewhat shorter life than the American Budgie, perhaps due to selective breeding.

Character / Personality

Over many generations, the English Budgie has been bred to perform in shows, exhibitions, and contests. As a result, It’s been bred to be calm and relaxed. He isn’t prone to biting, and even if he isn’t familiar to someone, the English Budgie will happily leap onto a person’s finger without being scared.
The English Budgie has been taught to make as little noise as possible, and when he does chirp, it is discreetly. He has just as much of a chance as his Australian counterpart to build a large vocabulary, but since he is so quiet, you may not recognize the hundreds of words he can repeat.


It’s a good idea to finger train any budgie. It allows you to pull the bird out of the cage more quickly when you need to clean up, check him over, or spend some time with him. It eliminates the need to chase the budgie about his cage, stressing you and him out in the process, by teaching him to effortlessly jump onto your finger.
You should begin the procedure as soon as feasible. If you start teaching an English Budgie while he is under 4 months old, you should be able to finger train him and maybe teach him to communicate as well.

Health & Wellness

The English Budgie is about double the size and weight of the wild counterpart. He has a striking look with long tail feathers and brilliant plumage. A healthy budgie will groom himself, preening his feathers and keeping himself clean, and if your budgie is not grooming himself, it might indicate that he is unhappy. The English Budgie has a somewhat shorter lifetime, but only by about an year.

Suitable for:

Potential owners who want a responsible, peaceful, and maybe loving pet bird might choose the English Budgie. They’re also a terrific option for anyone who wish to display their pet birds, and their ability to be taught makes them ideal family pets for people of all ages.

Overview of the American Budgie:

english budgie vs american budgie

The American Budgie is substantially smaller than the English Budgie, and it has not been subjected to the same level of careful breeding. American Budgie is likely to be considerably bigger than the Wild Budgie, despite the fact that it is closest to it. it more loud, more prone to nibbling fingers, and more difficult to teach, so it may not be appropriate for those wishing for a quiet bird companion.

Character / Personality:

The personality of the American budgies resembles more with its wild counterpart. It is more talkative than the English Budgie, however, this does not necessarily imply that it has a larger vocabulary; it just means that you will hear it more often. it will express his emotions and is more likely to nip and bite your fingers.
Because it is not as relaxed or welcoming, some owners perceive the American Budgie to be a more demanding companion.


Another area where the American Budgie and the wild budgie are more clearly connected is in his challenging training. While an English Budgie may be effectively finger-taught with minimal effort, an American Budgie will need a lot more time and care to teach in this manner. Make sure you get started as soon as possible. Budgies can normally leave their parents at approximately 10 weeks, and if you can begin training them at this age, you will have the greatest chance of having a well-behaved and well-adjusted family pet.

Health & Wellness:

The American Budgie will live a bit longer than the English Budgie, but the difference isn’t significant. The American Budgie will live for 10 years instead of 8, so the difference isn’t significant. When it comes to preening and cleaning, the American Budgie should be able to take care of himself, but you should double-check that he is performing a thorough job and doesn’t need your assistance.

Appropriate for:

The American Budgie requires a little more work to assimilate into the household. You’ll need to devote a significant amount of time to acclimating him to being handled, and you should begin training as soon as possible. This will help you resist the urge to bite your fingers. This implies that the American Budgie is best suited to owners who are prepared to put in the time and effort, as well as those who are unconcerned by the breed’s additional loudness.

which one is the best fit for you?

Because of their docile temperament, English budgies are a preferable option if you want a budgie that can be easily trained.
However, if you want a bird with a more active attitude, American parakeets will be perfect for you!
The English budgie is likely to spend the majority of its time on the floor. Instead of hopping from perch to perch, it will wander around your home. American parakeets, on the other hand, like hanging out in their cages or playing in their swings.

Which is more expensive: English budgies or American budgies?

Budgies are quite inexpensive compared to other parrots, making them available to virtually anybody. For the most part, they are considered low-maintenance pets.
The typical cost of an American parakeet in the United States is between $15 and $30.
An ordinary English budgie, on the other hand, may cost anywhere from $50 to $100 or more, depending on whether you want a “show grade” bird.
As a result, English budgies cost more than American budgies. But why is that?
Many breeders are likely to charge that much merely for an English budgie because of their superior quality as display birds.
When you examine these two parrots side by side, you’ll notice a significant difference in quality! The feathers of American parakeets are reported to be dull and not as colorful as those of other parrots.
The English budgies, on the other hand, are known for their vibrant colors and unique feathers that can’t be seen on any other budgie.
They also have longer tails—the most crucial feature of a display bird!

Is there a hidden cost?

Aside from the purchase of the bird, there are monthly charges of $10 to $25 for food and accessories.
You may also anticipate spending more money on extra benefits, toys, or snacks for your pet, which will increase your overall costs.
Vitamins, trips to the veterinarian, cage cleaning materials, and other essentials will add up

Which of the two is more likely to Talk?

English budgies and American parakeets are both excellent talkers, capable of imitating hundreds of words and phrases.
English budgies are more prone than American parakeets to speak, although this varies by individual.
Some are communicative, while others are quiet. American parakeets may learn to whistle more quickly.
Teaching children to whistle first will help them get through the procedure more quickly. The trick is to train them by allowing them to get used to generating sounds. This strategy will assist young birds in learning to replicate sounds much more quickly.
In fact, with over 1,500 words mastered, an English budgie holds the record for most words learned by a bird.
Quick tips: Don’t expect them to start right away; repetition is the key to rapid learning.
Repetition is the key to getting your bird to speak.
Your bird will repeat what you say on a regular basis. The greatest approach to get your bird to say what you want is to repeat yourself a lot.
Most people don’t have to go to this much trouble since a parakeet will often repeat what she hears, which is typically her name and hello.

Is it possible to keep both English and American Budgies together?

Many parrot enthusiasts have asked this question, and the answer is “Yes.”
English and American Budgies may coexist together.
Because English budgies are generally docile, they get along well with other budgies and even parakeets.
You must verify that may not possess dominating characteristics and will bully or ridicule others.
Slowly introduce them to one another and see whether they accept each other.
Placing their cages adjacent to one other before eventually putting them in the same cage is one option.
Each bird, on the other hand, has its own distinct personality. Don’t push things to work out if they don’t. Keep them apart to prevent any conflicts that might result in injury.
For the last four years, I’ve had my English and American dogs in the same cage with no issues.


Hopefully, All of your inquiries concerning the English budgie vs American budgie have been answered.
English budgies and American parakeets are both excellent pets.
However, there are a few distinctions between them that you should consider while determining which is best for you.
Finally, the decision is yours to make!
I hope you will choose the one that best suits your needs. In any case, take care of your new pet bird and enjoy it!

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