Does The Angry Birds Movie Promote Anti-Immigration Sentiments? [Explained]

Based on the well-known mobile game, The Angry Birds Movie was a whimsical animated film that debuted in 2016. Nonetheless, a few spectators saw hints of anti-immigration sentiment in the narrative and characters.

This in-depth essay will examine the many components of the movie and assess whether the assertions that The Angry Birds Movie has anti-immigration sentiments are true.

This is a simple response in case you’re pressed for time: Even though the film makes use of clichés related to immigrants, its lighthearted atmosphere and embrace of diversity generally rule out any serious anti-immigration sentiment.

An overview of the Angry Birds movie’s plot

An animated comedy film called The Angry Birds Movie is based on the well-known Angry Birds mobile game series. The film tells the tale of Red, an aloof and unhappy bird that lives alone on an island with other flightless birds.

The advent of a party of green pigs who identify as peaceful explorers is the central theme of the story.

The Isolated Society of the Birds

The birds in the film inhabit a remote community on their island, where their tiny wings prevent them from taking flight. They have evolved a distinct style of life in which every bird serves a certain function within their group.

Because of his anger management lessons, Red, the main character, gets sent to anger management classes and becomes an outcast.

The Pigs’ Arrival

When a herd of pigs shows up on the island, everything changes. The pigs, led by Leonard, present themselves as calm and amiable explorers. They become soon accepted members of the avian community, offering new technologies and the idea of flying to the birds.

Red, however, starts to doubt their actual motivations.

Tensions Within the Groups

Red begins to question the pigs’ intentions as the birds’ fascination with them and their technology intensifies. To find out the pigs’ actual intentions, he partners up with Chuck and Bomb, two other misfit birds.

They find out via their inquiry that the pigs really want to take the birds’ eggs, which are quite valuable to them.

The Last War and Its Settlement

The film closes with a showdown between the pigs and the birds. The birds, led by Red, utilize their special skills to repel the pigs and protect their eggs. The birds are able to safeguard their eggs and bring peace back to their island because of their cooperation and tenacity.

A fun and lighthearted movie, The Angry Birds Movie tackles friendship, trust, and the value of not judging people by their outward appearance. Although the film does not explicitly advocate against immigration, it does emphasize the need of exercising caution and discernment when integrating immigrants into a society.

Supposedly Anti-Immigration Signs

There have been allegations that the Angry Birds Movie uses a number of purported symbols and story elements to encourage anti-immigration views. Let’s investigate some of these claims in more detail to see whether they have any validity.

Pigs Shown as Unique and Exceptional

One of the primary points made is that the way the pigs are shown in the film encourages xenophobia and the concept of “othering.” The pigs are shown as visitors from outside the island of the birds, and they behave and look differently from the birds.

Although the pigs are shown as the adversaries in the film, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this is a made-up tale intended for amusement. It is improbable that the pigs’ representation was intended to propagate anti-immigrant ideas or make a message on immigration.

Pigs Pilfer the Resources of the Birds

Another argument is that the pigs’ theft of the birds’ eggs and resources is a derogatory representation of immigrants depriving the indigenous people of their resources. Although the pigs’ actions in the film may be seen as harming the birds, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this is a battle between two made-up animals.

Many films depict resource rivalry and violence, which is a recurring topic and may not accurately represent immigration difficulties in the actual world.

Total Destroying of Pigs’ Community

Some contend that the movie’s depiction of the pigs’ total collapse is a metaphor for the unfavorable effects of immigration. But it’s important to keep in mind that this is fiction and shouldn’t be interpreted as a representation of actual immigration situations.

Rather of being a direct result of immigration, the pigs’ civilization is destroyed in the movie by their own deceit and activities.

Birds Split Up After Fighting Once More

Following their altercation with the pigs, the birds are once again shown as alone towards the film’s conclusion. Some contend that this propagates anti-immigrant sentiment and sends an isolationist message. But it’s crucial to consider how this conclusion fits into the overall plot of the film.

Rather from being a critique of immigration or a means of fostering anti-immigration feelings, the birds’ seclusion might be seen as the product of the conflict’s aftermath and their desire to reorganize and reconstruct their community.

Arguments in Opposition to Allegations

Joyful, Lighthearted Tone

The playful and funny tone of the Angry Birds movie serves as one of the primary refutations to the claims that it encourages anti-immigration views. Rather than promoting any one philosophy or sending political messages, the main goals of the film are to amuse and make people laugh.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the original Angry Birds game was a hilarious and lighthearted mobile game that appealed to players of all ages. Keeping with this tradition, the film stays away from political concerns in favor of concentrating on the humorous exchanges between the pigs and birds.

Theme: Accepting Diversity

The fundamental subject of the film—embracing diversity—offers another refutation. The pigs and the birds are shown as two different species with different traits, capacities, and civilizations throughout the whole movie.

But as the narrative goes on, the birds discover how to put aside their early biases and cooperate with the pigs to defeat a shared foe. Strong in its message of harmony and tolerance for variety, it encourages inclusion as opposed to anti-immigration feelings.

Pigs Had Good Reasons to Go Abroad

It’s crucial to remember that the pigs in the Angry Birds film had a good cause for going to the island of birds. The pigs in the movie pretend to be peaceful explorers when they first arrive on the island, but it soon becomes clear that they are there for other reasons.

The pigs were motivated by their desire for the birds’ eggs because they thought it would make them happy and prosperous. Like many real-world immigrants, their original motivation for emigrating was a desire for a better life, even if their motives were eventually shown to be dishonest.

Bird Society Accepts Most Pigs

The bulk of the pigs are shown in the Angry Birds movie as being welcomed into the bird community, despite the claims to the contrary. The pigs and the birds finally come to an understanding and establish a peaceful coexistence despite their early disagreements and miscommunications.

This portrayal casts doubt on the claim that the film fosters anti-immigration views by implying that it supports integration and the belief that immigrants may effectively integrate into a new community.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, despite some aspects of The Angry Birds Movie emulating anti-immigrant clichés and themes, the movie is unlikely to significantly advance anti-immigration sentiment due to its upbeat tone and focus on celebrating individuality.

Those who are motivated to do so may interpret some symbolism in the story, but there doesn’t appear to be a clear intention to change people’s views on immigration. Instead, the film recounts a tale that eventually involves putting aside biases via the amusing use of exaggerated pig and bird characterizations.

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