Can An Eagle Actually Pick Up A Dog?

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Legends and online memes abound about a gigantic eagle swooping down and using its talons to capture man’s best friend. Is an eagle really able to hoist a dog off the ground, though?

To put it simply, the answer is no—eagles are not able to physically lift something as heavy as dogs.

Even such popular videos seem to indicate otherwise, they are either little dogs or well staged fakes. Continue reading to learn about the physical restrictions placed on eagles, dispel some common misconceptions, and find out whether they can carry dogs of different sizes.

The Eagles’ Limitations in Size and Strength

The magnificent birds known as eagles are renowned for their extraordinary strength and capacity for skydiving. It is a frequent fallacy, nonetheless, that eagles can pick up and take off dogs.

It is really quite doubtful that eagles could pull off such a feat given their size and strength limitations.

Weight Carriers and Wingspans

The wingspan of an eagle is a crucial component to take into account when assessing its strength. An eagle’s wingspan may vary from 6 to 8 feet, which gives them the ability to soar through the skies with ease. But their capacity to lift large weights is not determined by their wingspan alone.

The capacity of an eagle to lift and carry objects is also greatly influenced by its size and weight. Eagles weigh between nine and thirteen pounds on average, with the biggest species, the Harpy Eagle, reaching up to twenty pounds in weight.

Even while these weights seem substantial, they are insufficient to raise and move a fully grown dog, which may weigh anywhere from ten to more than one hundred pounds.

Eagles’ bodies have also undergone modifications that help them seek and capture prey more effectively. Their razor-sharp talons are not made to support the weight of a struggling dog; rather, they are meant to seize and grip onto their prey.

An eagle would have a very difficult time maintaining a grasp and lifting a dog that is attempting to flee off the ground.

In contrast to Other Large Birds

much though eagles are amazing animals, there are other enormous birds with much more power and ability to move objects. For example, the Andean Condor may reach a maximum length of 10 feet and a maximum weight of 33 pounds. It is thus among the world’s biggest flying birds.

But despite its impressive stature, the Andean Condor would still find it difficult to hoist a large dog.

It’s critical to keep in mind that, unlike dogs, birds—including eagles—are not designed to lift large objects. Because of the adaptations made to their body for flying, their hunting tactics center on taking down smaller targets that they can manage with ease.

Therefore, even while it could make for a fascinating tale or picture, the concept of an eagle scooping up a dog is not something that would ever occur in the natural world.

Go to or to learn more about eagles and their skills.

What Scientists and Professionals Say About Biomechanical Analysis

Is it possible for an eagle to lift a dog? is a frequently asked question. Let’s look to biomechanical analysis for a solution to this. Eagles are renowned for their remarkable strength and strong talons, which allow them to effectively catch prey.

An eagle, meanwhile, could find it difficult to handle an ordinary dog’s size and weight.

Experts say that an eagle’s ability to lift mostly relies on its size and species. One of the biggest eagle species in North America, the bald eagle, has been known to lift prey as heavy as four pounds (1.8 kg).

Given that most dogs weigh far less than this maximum, it seems improbable that an eagle could effectively lift and take away a dog.

Moreover, biomechanical constraints are also relevant. Dogs, particularly the bigger varieties, are more grounded because of their four-legged gait and have a greater body mass. Because of this, it is difficult for an eagle to raise them off the ground.

Perspectives from Ornithologists

Experts in the field of bird research, ornithologists, also provide their perspectives on this subject. Although eagles are excellent hunters, most people believe that smaller animals like fish, birds, and rodents are their main food. Usually, dogs are not a component of their diet.

Eagles have also evolved to pursue prey that complements their physical attributes and hunting strategies. They often use diving descents from great heights as part of their hunting tactics to surprise their prey.

Conversely, dogs are often more nimble and capable of self-defense than the average eagle’s target.

It is important to remember that eagle activity may change according on a variety of conditions, including food supply and environment. Although there may be a few isolated incidents of eagles trying to take hold of a small dog, they are not typical of the eagles’ regular hunting habits.

Disproving Popular Eagle Videos

Have you ever seen the popular video of an eagle swooping down to seem to pick up a dog? Even while watching these movies could be enjoyable, it’s crucial to consider their veracity. Let’s examine some of the possible explanations for why these films could not be as authentic as they appear.

Camera tricks and CGI

These amazing eagle exploits might be explained by the use of camera trickery and computer-generated imagery (CGI). Thanks to technological improvements, making convincingly realistic-looking videos that deceive viewers is now simpler than ever.

Expert animators can produce realistic-looking eagles that seem to be carrying dogs, but it’s all just a brilliant deception.

These viral videos may also be produced with camera techniques. Filmmakers may convey the idea that an eagle is carrying a dog by carefully arranging the camera and using deft editing methods.

Some of these tactics include suspending a tiny dog in midair with a harness to make it seem as if it is being carried by an eagle, or posing as a fake bird.

With Little Dogs and Accessories

The employment of little pets and accessories in these popular films is another option. Although they are strong birds, eagles have their limits in strength. The size and weight of a huge dog would really prevent an eagle from being able to lift it.

However, filmmakers may simulate an eagle carrying a dog by employing tiny dog breeds and devices that mimic an eagle’s talons.

It’s important to remember that animals’ safety and wellbeing should always come first. The filmmakers of these films have to take precautions to guarantee that the animals are not harmed in any way.

Without endangering any animals, fascinating material may be produced with the use of props and special effects.

What Dogs Could Be Lifted Theoretically?

Extra Tiny Breeds Weighing Less Than Ten Pounds

The size and weight of the dog are important factors in determining the likelihood that an eagle will be able to pick it up. The most probable prospects for such an occurrence would be extra tiny breeds, meaning they weigh less than 10 pounds.

These small puppies, such as Yorkshire Terriers or Chihuahuas, are small and light enough that an eagle could try to lift them.

It’s crucial to remember that, even though these dogs might fit the size range, this does not imply that it happens frequently or that dog owners should be seriously concerned.

Eagles are generally raptors of smaller food, such fish and rodents; they are not very good at lifting heavier things.

Bigger Dogs Are Unachievable

A bigger dog makes it very improbable, if not impossible, that an eagle could raise it. Larger breeds are physically impossible for an eagle to carry off due to their sheer size and weight.

Great Danes, Saint Bernards, and even labrador retrievers are examples of medium-sized breeds that range in weight from fifty to more than one hundred pounds. An eagle could never lift this much weight off the ground.

Even though it’s entertaining to picture an eagle taking off and taking a big dog with it, it’s just not possible in the real world. Although they are strong birds, eagles have their limitations in strength. Rather than large mammals, they are made to hunt and feed on smaller animals.

Visit the Audubon Society’s website to learn more about the habits and abilities of eagles. They offer thorough explanations of different bird species and their hunting prowess.

Final Thoughts

Even though they are strong hunters, eagles lack the size and strength necessary to raise even a small dog off the ground. Although entertaining, hoax videos don’t accurately depict the physical limitations of an eagle.

An eagle may be able to hover for a short while while snatching small dogs weighing less than ten pounds, but the chances of that happening are extremely low. So enjoy it for what it is—fun fiction—the next time you see a video purporting to show an eagle taking a dog high into the sky!

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