Top 10 Best Birdhouses for Bluebirds [2023]

best birdhouse for bluebirds

The blue bird is quite a popular bird and has been depicted in literature, art, and mythology. It is a symbol of joy and is often featured in artwork, music, poetry, and tattoo designs. This is why many people desire to attract bluebirds to their yards because they think they are lovely. Bluebirds, however, are picky about where they build their nests. There are many Birdhouses for bluebirds available and people find it challenging to pick from the many excellent bluebird birdhouse. To solve the confusion of bluebird lovers we have compiled a list of the top 10 birdhouses for bluebirds. continue reading to find the best bluebird house that fits your needs.

Top 10 best Bluebird houses

1. Natures Way CWH4 Cedar Best Birdhouse for Bluebirds

Making a birdhouse out of cedar wood is beneficial for several reasons. Because cedars are naturally durable, rot-resistant, and weather-resistant, the birdhouse will survive for many years. We can anticipate all of these things from this bluebird house from Nature’s Way.

I like the bluebird house’s general design. it is also practical and has air vents, which have apertures on the floor and wall to maximize air ventilation within the birdhouse. Additionally, the doors provide the owner with simple access for cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Moreover, it has a raised mesh floor to guard against fly and other insect attacks on young bluebirds. To deter predators, the birdhouse’s entrance has been purposefully expanded.

This bluebird home is strong, well-made, and beautiful in terms of overall quality. You can also open the side panel on this bluebird home so you can see the birds from the outside. The bluebirds love a shallow nest, thus the depth of the birdhouse is just what they like.

There are many methods to mount this bluebird home in terms of installation. Unfortunately, the product package does not include mounting hardware. It may be mounted in a pipe, pole, tree, wooden fencepost, or other structure.


  • Made of cedar, which is renowned for being strong and long-lasting.
  • Built with air vents for the most effective ventilation possible
  • Doors make access for cleaning.
  • To keep young birds safe from predators, the entry hole has been expanded.
  • Created with a raised mesh floor to shield young birds


  • There is no installation hardware available with the kit.

This bluebird home is sturdy and well-made all around. This birdhouse should live longer if it is well maintained. Additionally, it contains every aspect required to attract bluebirds and provide for their comfort while they are there. In my opinion, it’s one of the best birdhouses for bluebirds available.

2. Kingsyard Wooden Bluebird House

 Of all the birdhouses on our list, this bluebird home from Kingsyard has perhaps the most exquisite design. The blue roofing and the well constructed exquisite design will surely entice bluebirds.

The general layout of this bluebird home is quite stunning. To provide the birdhouse with the most ventilation possible, it has several air vents that are located in the openings of the floor and walls.

Another great feature of this bluebird house is that it has predators guard at its entrance. Actually, it is a hole extension that shields the birds, particularly the young, from potential predator assaults.

Additionally, the side of the birdhouse can be opened and has a plexiglass covering so you can see what is going on inside and also provide extra security for the birds within is the plexiglass.

The mounting and assembly of this bluebird housing are fast and simple. There is great quality hardware for installation, and it is all included.


  • Made from premium natural wood
  • Designed with several air vents for optimal ventilation
  • Baby birds are shielded from predators by a safety extension predator guard at the entry hole.
  • The birdhouse has plexiglass on one side that can be opened for bird viewing or cleaning.
  • Simple and quick installation


  • The opening is a bit small

It’s amazing how big this bluebird home is. The general layout is thoughtfully intended to accommodate both bird watchers and bluebirds. The additional elements provide the bluebirds comfort and protection while using natural wood ensures durability and lifespan.

3. JCs Wildlife Eastern and Western Bluebird House

The JCs Wildlife Ultimate Bluebird Home is also one of the best options if you want a high-quality, hand-made bluebird house that will last for many years without fading, splitting, or cracking.

With a stain finish, this product is made entirely of recycled poly lumber. Poly lumber is an excellent material for outdoor products as it is resilient to harsh weather. the material is also environment friendly because it is made from recycled materials. Furthermore, the birdhouse includes drainage holes on the bottom to keep it clean. Another good thing about the birdhouse is that it looks just like a house which is made from real wood. To give your feathery friends some room, hang JCs Wildlife’s Ultimate Bluebird House from a tree limb or pole using the included hardware.


  • The birdhouse is made from recycled poly lumber which is renowned for its resilience to weather damage.
  • Designed with a bluebird-friendly entry hole and a predator guard for security
  • Constructed with two side doors for cleaning and inspection
  • Designed with air vents for effective ventilation
  • It has an air-circulating stainless steel mesh riser to safeguard the nest


  • No mounting post is provided

Overall, this product is a heavy-duty, well-designed birdhouse of the highest caliber. Additionally, this birdhouse is constructed with a number of characteristics that enhance the comfort and security of the bluebirds while they are using it.

4. STARSWR Outdoor Bluebird House

Bluebird House Everything the bluebirds might possibly need for their stay in this lovely birdhouse is included.

What’s more, the premium natural wood used to construct this bluebird home is known for its strength and longevity. Once it is properly put in the backyard, this birdhouse will endure longer because of its capacity to withstand the effects of the weather.

The entry hole, which is the perfect size for bluebirds at 1.5 inches, is one of this birdhouse’s distinctive design features. A platform close to the hole will provide the birds a place to sit for eating or to shield the tiny birds within.

In this birdhouse, airflow won’t be an issue either. In addition to the entry hole, the top of the home has a vent to improve ventilation for the comfort of the bird. A door is included on the side of the bluebird home and may be utilized to clean the inside.

This bluebird home is quite adaptable in terms of installation and may be installed in any desired place. It may be hung on a tree, a wall, or anywhere else you choose.


  • Built with a distinctive style ideal for bluebirds
  • Made with sufficient vents to allow for adequate airflow and ventilation
  • Uses natural wood and is quite well made.
  • constructed with a platform for birds to sit on to feed and shield the tiny birds
  • Simple and quick installation


  • Short platform

This item is a charming small bluebird home that was well constructed. The nest will be safer and have better airflow if there is a nesting screen present. The side door makes it simple to clean so that it is ready for the next tenant.


5. DIY Craft Kit from Panacea Woodlink’s Bluebird House

Bluebird HouseA very high-quality kit that includes precut wood panels, hardware, and instructions for quickly creating a bluebird home is the Panacea Woodlink Classic Bluebird House DIY Craft Kit. Kids may easily put this kit together as a family project. The great thing about this woodhouse is that it inspires creativity as well as makes the children and adults get involved in the whole process. By getting involved in the process, children get a lesson about taking care of others and wildlife as they build this stunning backyard birdhouse.

Each kit includes a number of precut wood panels, hardware, and instructions for quickly constructing a bluebird house. To personalize each item the frames may be painted in different colors. Other than that, the units just need a screwdriver to put them together. The birdhouse has a front entrance hole with a 1.5″ diameter that is the ideal size for bluebirds, and the overhanging roof shields the nest from the outdoors. The thick timber framework creates a wonderfully adaptable and magnificent house while also helping regulate the temperature in the birdhouse. With these Traditional Bluebird House DIY Craft Kits, you can encourage bluebird populations and a passion for birding in your kids.


  • Inspires creativity
  • Enables family bonding as it can be a fun project to build
  • It has thick walls which maintain temperature
  • Each panel can be painted separately
  • Specifically made for bluebirds.


  • In general, it can be easy to assemble but for some, it may take time to understand how to build this house.

6. Wild Wings WWCH3 Cedar Blue Bird Box House

birdhouse for bluebirdsBluebirds are attracted to this specific design as many blue birdhouses are made in this type of design. The uniqueness of this design is that it allows maximum air flow due to the air vents on sides and holes on the ground. Furthermore, Cleaning is also made simple by maker by adding a clean-out door. In order to safeguard young Birds from predators, a predator guard is added to the entry hole of the birdhouse. Fledgling skerfs are added to create more traction so that the birds may climb out easily. The ground-breaking design may be mounted flat or on a pole  of your choice.



  • The air vent enables maximum airflow
  • Cleaning between broods is made simple by the clean-out door.
  • The young may crawl up inside the home via grooves slightly below the entrance hole to feed and look out at their surroundings.
  • The entry hole has an additional predator guard to safeguard young birds from predators.


  • Several customers complained that the delivered broken to them

7. Kimdio Ceramic Hanging Birdhouses

best birdhouse for bluebirdsKimdio has been producing exceptionally great looking ornamental hanging birdhouses for many years. The Kimdio Hanging Birdhouses are intended to attract more birds to your outdoor area.

These ceramic works of art may be created with attention to design and detail, and they can be hung from trees, porches, fences, or other structures surrounding the house. You don’t have to worry about installation since these beautiful hanging birdhouses are simple to install and maintain. Since these birdhouses are made from ceramic, they are extremely durable and resistant to corrosion and extreme weather. they also come in different colors so you can choose the one that suits your needs and liking.


Each of our bird homes is painstakingly constructed using the best materials available, paying close attention to every every detail.

It adds flair to your patio or garden area due to its delightful and artsy design.
The birdhouse is very easy to install and has a rope at the top. Simply tie the ring rope to the structure (tree, house, banner, etc.) using rope or a hook to hang the birdhouse.


It may not give a natural feel because this birdhouse is made from ceramic.

8. SISTERBIRD Bird Houses

birdhouse for bluebirdsBluebird Home by Sisterbird is another birdhouse made from cedar. This kind of wood is a great insulator and can withstand weather-related damage.

However, the fact that this bluebird home has an entry hole that is 1.5 inches wide is more significant. For bluebirds to utilize during the breeding season, the hole size is ideal. Additionally, it will discourage larger undesirable birds from entering the birdhouse.

You may also notice the predator guard if you look closely at the entry hole. It functions as a kind of extension of the entry hole that hinders predators and finally defends the defenseless young birds that are inside the birdhouse.

Moreover, the front of the birdhouse is designed with a larger door that is locked by a metal door latch. The latch will be relatively simple to unlock if the user wishes to check it out or clean the interior. The back of the door has five internal grooves that serve as a ladder to prevent juvenile birds from leaving the birdhouse.

There are a variety of mounting options you may use to place it in your backyard. The simplest solution is to place it in a tree trunk or on a garden wall. If you like, you may install it on a fence or use a pole. When mounting, the site is crucial since you don’t want predators and other undesirable birds to be able to get to it.


  • Made from fine cedar wood, which is renowned for its rot resistance and superior insulation
  • built with a front clean-out door to enable inspection and cleaning
  • The entry hole has a size suitable for bluebirds
  • Built with grooves that will allow little birds to effortlessly utilize the birdhouse as a ladder
  • The birdhouse has seven vents for optimal ventilation


  • Assembly might be difficult.

Overall, this product is a beautiful bluebird home that is well-made. Despite being of high quality, it is relatively light. The birdhouse’s additional elements are all designed to increase the birds’ level of comfort while they are there. Your garden will benefit greatly from the addition of this bluebird home.

9. NATUREYLWL Bluebird Hanging Birdhouse

birdhouse for bluebirdsThis natural wood bluebird house has a sophisticated handcrafted design and is intended to last for ages. The birdhouse’s natural wood ensures its strength and lifespan, and its beautiful built gives it a very lovely design.
The mild wood burning highlights the grain, and the roofing seems like it is made of shingles. Although the door opening is relatively simple, it enables the user to clean the birdhouse’s inside. Additionally, the overall look is a wonderful complement to your backyard.
I really like the product’s crispness and the fragrance of the aromatic wood used to make it. Along with the exquisite workmanship.


  • The entry hole was made in a way that it perfectly matched the size of the bluebird. 1.57 inches is the precise length that the bluebirds need.
  • The pole that the birds may perch on to feed or watch over the small birds within is next to the entry hole.
  • This bluebird home is incredibly simple to install and easy to put on a strong tree limb or wherever that is ideal for bluebirds.
  • An additional pole is built close to the entrance hole to let older birds watch over or feed the smaller birds. A small door can be opened on the left side for cleaning.


Improved ventilation is required.

Small but dependable is this bluebird home. This birdhouse will look great in your lawn because of the exquisite design. Additionally, it is simple to install, making it perfect for bird watchers who wish to swiftly draw in bluebirds.

10. Whitehorse Premium Cedar Bird House

birdhouse for bluebirdsEverything you’ve been searching for is there in the Whitehorse Premium Cedar Bird House. The double roof helps prevent overheating and is built of waterproof 3/4″ thick western cedar wood.

This birdhouse comes with all the gear you need to place it on a post or other support, and the installation is also simple. Everything you’ve been searching for there in the Whitehorse Premium Cedar Bird House.

The mounting hardware on this lovely bluebird home is strong and waterproof. Additionally, it has simple installation guidelines for anybody who may not be skilled with tools.


  • Vent holes are carved at an upward angle to keep rainwater out, making them weatherproof.
  • Overheating is decreased by a double roof; 3/4 of the floor is recessed “to keep the nest moist.
  • it has 4 exterior-grade screws, thorough installation instructions, and our well-known advice on attracting bluebirds and other birds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do bluebirds need a special birdhouse?

The preferred entrance hole for bluebirds is 1.5 inches for eastern and western species. A square floor that is 5 to 8 inches below the entrance hole should measure between 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 inches. Never build or purchase a birdhouse with a perch.

What makes a best birdhouse for bluebirds?

A best birdhouse for bluebirds need to include drainage holes, be waterproof, and be properly ventilated. It should be simple to monitor, open, and clean. It should be made up of solid. The color of birdhouse for bluebirds should resemble the surrounding and should not be in flashy color.

Which way should you face a bluebird house?

The ideal location for a bluebird home depends on a variety of variables, including sun exposure, winter temperatures, and prevailing winds. For instance, since it can be excessively hot during the summer if you place your birdhouse near to an east-facing window. The ideal angle to face a bluebird home is south. It’s OK to utilize southeast as a substitute location if you have a space issues with south.

What style of bird homes bluebirds like?

Bluebirds like a straightforward structure built of untreated woods like pine or red cedar. The entry hole should be 1.5 inches in diameter to protect the birds from predators. These birds prefer to nest in boxes without perches.

What should be the color of bluebird house?

A bluebird home must match the color of the surroundings. This is done so that birds may relax and not feel anxious about being in a strange environment. In fact, it’s crucial to have some camouflage if you want them to really utilize your birdhouse for nesting.

Can a bluebird house be mounted on a tree?

It is never recommend to mount a bluebird home on a tree’s trunk. Instead, placing your bluebird home on a pole that is at least 6 feet tall will provide the birds access to food sources while also protecting them from predators.

What is best bluebird house location?

It’s common for bluebird homes to be offered without instructions on where to install them. If you’re unsure about where to place your bluebird house, it’s recommended to build it between 50 and 100 feet away from an existing house for greater chances of success.

How tall should bluebird nesting box be?

Height: Bluebirds may build their nests anywhere between 2 and 50 feet in the air. If cats or other predators are a concern, mount nest boxes at least 6 to 8 feet from the ground. Mounting at eye level makes inspection simple.

Are bluebird homes supposed to be in the shade?

Bluebirds like open, grassy places with no trees or other cover. The greatest location for the nest box is one where there is no tall grass or plant growth there. Boxes should be set 6 to 8 feet from the ground, however they may normally be positioned a bit higher.

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